The Cannabis Seeds Industry has been undeniably growing for the past few decades. Planting its earliest seeds in the Netherlands, Latin America and in Canada, their Seed Banks are now reaching the globe, providing sustainability and innovation to the farmers, growers, retailers and even the smallest users around the globe.

As we grow beyond unprecedented growth, you have to consider seed banks with reputation and experience which has been proven throughout the times. Even during the stormiest of days, these banks showed resilience in adapting to troubleshooting and crisis management in dealing with legal conflict which suppresses the Marijuana Industry in different regions of the world. Now, let’s take a look at the Top 10 Largest Seed Banks Around the World.

Promoting Sustainability

With its is purposely designed marijuana seed bank and built for Scientific Studies about different seeds which are intentionally used for storing and keeping seed genes for future purposes, hence they are gene banks.

Seed Banks stand its role scattered throughout different nations function as the library of information and room of experiment for seed development, genetic studies and other pertinent measures needed for innovating and maintaining the Biological Diversity of the world.

The Top 10 Largest Seed Banks

1. Crop King Seeds

Founded in the year 2005, the Crop King Seeds propelled its fame in the midst of the bustling streets of Vancouver. This company started its humble roots with just a single employee delivering packages discreetly in the neighborhood of this city. As time pass by, Crop King Seeds began its expansion, gaining better profits and partnerships, heading its way to the top of Canadian Marijuana Industry.

In 2015, the company has seen unprecedented growth with the International Recognition of their White Cookies Strain, making it to the Top 10 Strains of the Year.

Currently, this seed bank sells 40 strains of Cannabis which are quickly delivered in different parts of Canadian Provinces and the rest of the world.

2. Sun West Genetics

The Sun West Genetics hails from the West Coast of Canada in Vancouver City. Highly regarded as one of the versatile Canadian Seed Banks in the world, Sun West is the first company to apply the Seed Tracking Technology, used for better tracking of the seeds during its delivery.

Founded in 2009, this Seed Bank continues to support other institutions in pushing for reforms of strict Marijuana policies in different countries of the world. With this noble move, the company projects as one of the best in the Cannabis Industry, not only with exporting and importing Cannabis Seeds but through revolutionizing its support to the advocates of Marijuana consumption in different regions.

3. Sonoma Seeds

This Seed Bank is famous for its line urging users to “Grow Organically”. Founded in the year 2010, this bank is one of the top competitors in California that pegs to innovate the American Cannabis Market.

Their company has since then experienced unwavering support from the Medical Patients and Recreational Users who are in need of sustainable Marijuana Practice by planting seeds for their future consumption. Sonoma Seeds are best known for their Coma Seeds, an award-winning Cannabis strain in 2011 and 2012, making you high and active in the daytime.

4. MJ Seeds Canada

Founded in 2009, MJ Seeds is one of the most sought-after Cannabis Seed Banks in Canada. These bank sells over 40 different Cannabis Strains, making their customers have a better opportunity to plant different Cannabis Seeds in their households.

Hailing from Vancouver, this seed bank is 100% Canadian-owned and known to ship Cannabis Seeds from their office to the rest of Canadian Provinces and to the rest of the world in the fastest pace, compared with their competitors. MJ Seeds are known for their BC Buds, one of the top-of-the-line Canadian brands of Cannabis which brings useful effects to all of its users, whether for medical or recreational reasons.

5. Rocket Seeds

This young and new shipping company in the Canadian Cannabis Industry is giving chills to its competitors due to its quick and creative marketing strategies which captivate the public’s attention for a short period.

This company delivers the products of Crop King, Sun West Genetics and Sonoma Seeds in Canada to the rest of the globe. They even accept Bitcoins as a mode of payment for their deliveries!

Compared to other competitors, their deliveries arrive at your doorsteps within a week, depending on where you live. With the assured quick turnaround upon ordering, the rockets they ignite become one of the fastest and most reliable in the delivery of Marijuana Seeds throughout the world.

6. Sensi Seeds

Founded in the year 19855, the Sensi Seeds started its humble beginnings with their founder, Ben Dronkers, traveling around the globe to study and collect specimens of Marijuana Strains which will serve as the focus of his studies and eventually, his business. His collection brought him to the Netherlands and there, he settled, established and rose to prominence in the world of Cannabis Industry.

This Seed Bank produced the award-winning Northern Light Strain, Jack Herer and Skunk #1 which continues to dominate the Marijuana seed banks in years. Based in Amsterdam, this Dutch company never fails to amaze people with their breeding technology in creating new Cannabis Strains and producing their quality seeds, available for the greater public.

Currently, their bank produces 17 different Marijuana Seeds, more on Hybrid Strains.

7. Royal Queen Seeds

Founded in Barcelona Spain, this seed bank rose to stardom due to its auto-flowering and feminized seeds brands. Royal Queen has been exclusively selling feminized seeds, from the time it opened in the 90s.

Known for their produced award-winning marijuana seeds such as the Royal OG Kush,, Shining Silver Haze, Royal Gorilla, and Royal Cookies that are highly regarded as the top Marijuana seeds world for the present times.

With its branches spread across the Western Countries, this seed bank is effectively shipping Cannabis packages like a wind in different regions of the globe. Currently, this bank produces 58 Cannabis Seeds, with all of them being auto-flowering and feminized.

8. Greenhouse Seeds

Founded by Arjan Roskam in the 1990s, the self-proclaimed King of Cannabis, this company is a great contender in the world’s best Cannabis Seed Bank that ever existed in the Marijuana Industry. Its award-winning strains such as Arjan’s Haze 1, El Niño, Big Bang, and Flowerbomb Kush are some of the world’s highest awardees of prestigious distinctions in the Western World.

This powerhouse of Marijuana Seed Bank started in the Netherlands during the founder’s expeditions in search of elusive and rare Marijuana strains in the rest of the world. This bank now boasts around 53 Cannabis strains, one of the largest in the Dutch stores and probably in the world.

9. Dinafem

Founded in 2002, Dinafem is another Spanish pride of the Cannabis Industry, that boasts relatively huge selections of Cannabis strains. This seed bank originated from San Sebastian, Spain that a single store can offer. The workers of this seed bank tirelessly worked for the success from where they are today.

With a lot of recognition across the European nations, including in Spain, Italy, and the Netherlands because of their excellent products and useful strains in the field of Medicine.

This group has produced the renowned strains of Moby Dick, Critical Cheese, Bubba Kush, and the Blue Widow. Currently, Dinafem produces 62 Cannabis Strains- one of the largest collections in the Spanish Marijuana Industry and in the world.

10. Kalashnikov Seeds

This Russian Comrade is now making its name in the midst of American, Dutch, Canadian, and Spanish Competitors in the Marijuana Industry. There is no Cold War here, just pure fun and Marijuana Innovation.

The former Red Soldiers of the Soviet Union capitalized on their empire’s break-up in 1990. These soldiers turned abandoned military bases into vast Marijuana Plantation in the distant and rural area of Eastern Russia.

As retiring from military service has been foreseen by the company’s founders, they officially established Kalashnikov seeds in the year 2000 and continues to excite growers in the West, to this date.

Some of their famous strains are Moscow Blueberry, Amnesia Molotov, Baikal Express and . Truly, these seeds are captivating for the public, created from Russia, with love.

Wrapping things up!

All of the existing Cannabis Seed Banks in the world claim their own as the best. With this advertisement, users are effectively pleased and at the same time, confused about what and who should they trust.

Remember, these banks, just like the other stores, are striking the irons of Cannabis World while they are hot. They will do everything to prove their worth and assure the consumers that these owners will even risk their lives just to satisfy the forever increasing demands of the rest of the Marijuana World.

Will there be a commercial rift between these banks? We cannot tell but don’t worry, this is a good sign for users as it conveys a crystal-clear message: best is yet to come.