Now that there are plenty of North American countries and states allowing the use and cultivation of marijuana for either recreational or medicinal purposes, many more people are now consuming it on a regular basis. This also means that the demand for weed has also increased. That is why people are always asking where to buy weed seeds so that they themselves could grow and cultivate their own marijuana plants at home.

For those looking to grow their own cannabis plants, it is quite easy to get marijuana seeds wherever you are in the world. All you need to do is to order from cannabis seed banks online and wait for the seeds to arrive at your doorstep. This can be done even though you live in a city where cannabis is not legal. However, it is still better to get your hands on the seeds in a legal way and if you live in a country where it is legal to use and grow marijuana.

But what about those who want to buy weeds that are ready to smoke?

Local dispensaries

Medical marijuana dispensaries are those that sell marijuana only for medical purposes. As such, the marijuana strains they sell all have their own specific medical purposes and are all sold for specific ailments. Medical marijuana dispensaries are pretty common in states and countries where marijuana is legal only for medical purposes.

However, entering a medical marijuana dispensary is pretty difficult even if you are someone who needs weed for medical purposes. The moment you try to enter the medical marijuana dispensary, security may ask you for the necessary documentation. So better prepare a doctor’s recommendation before you visit a medical marijuana dispensary. Also, banks rarely deal with medical marijuana dispensaries. In that sense, you should carry cash around with you.

When you are already inside, a receptionist will be asking you for your ID and other necessary documents such as a recommendation from a doctor. After that, you will be introduced to medical marijuana available for purchase.

It may also be better for you to procure a medical marijuana card because most medical marijuana dispensaries offer discounts to cardholders. In that sense, you will be able to save a lot more money.

  1. Recreational

Recreational marijuana dispensaries can be found in countries, cities, and states where using marijuana for recreational purposes is legal. As long as recreational marijuana is legal, it is easier for you to enter and buy from a recreational marijuana dispensary. All you need to do is to show identification that you are at least 21 years of age.

Recreational marijuana is also usually cheaper in the long run compared to medical marijuana because you no longer have to pay for a recommendation from a doctor.

Those who are visiting a recreational marijuana dispensary will be asked by a receptionist whether the purpose is for recreational or medical because there are different requirements (or even rates or strains) for those looking for marijuana for medical purposes.

Other than ready-to-smoke weed, you can get your hands on different products in a recreational dispensary. This includes concentrated forms of the marijuana flower such as kief, budder, CO2, RSO, and sauce. And for those looking to get high without the smoke, some recreational marijuana dispensaries also sell edibles.

  • Online

In case you have been living under a rock, the internet and the advancements in digital technology have now streamlined everything in our lives. We do our banking on the internet. We talk with people through the internet. We order our food and grocers off of the internet. We also use the internet for our entertainment and recreational purposes.

But what about marijuana? Can we get our ready-to-smoke weeds off of the internet? Is it even legal to order weed online?

For starters, it is legal to buy weed online from a dispensary (whether medical or recreational) that allows you to do so. After all, marijuana dispensaries are the only ones allowed to sell marijuana legally in cities and states where using cannabis for recreational purposes is completely legal.

If you are living in Canada, the only safe and legal sources where you can purchase cannabis are the licensed producers that sell the ready-to-smoke marijuana online. However, you have to abide by the rules and regulations of the state you are in (such as legal age and maximum allowable purchase).

Aside from those, you can still order cannabis buds from other online store or seller. But be wary that any other source of ready-to-smoke weeds online other than medical and recreational dispensaries and the ones that are licensed by the state are most likely illegal. In that case, you should best be wary when dealing with black market marijuana sellers as you might not only run into trouble with the authorities but would also be unsure of the quality of weeds you are getting.

To be safe, it is still better to order ready-to-use weeds online from licensed sellers and dispensaries.