Cannabis growing is satisfying especially if you have exerted effort to have a good yield. There are some misconceptions that taking care of cannabis needs special care especially when it comes to the place where you would want to grow it.

Top 5 Marijuana Strains

There are marijuana strains that have properties of resiliency that can be grown anywhere whether in the southern or northern hemisphere and in outdoors or indoors using different kinds of growing techniques. All you have to do is to do your own research about each and every strain to make you cultivation process easy.



This strain has the natural hardiness to withstand different weather conditions and is a good strain to combat pests and plant diseases. This award-winning strain is a popular strain to produce because of its versatility to be grown whether indoor or outdoors without putting stress on the growth period. It grows small and compact with buds that have hues of green and dark purple. It has flavors of spiciness and bitterness with hints of citrusy flavor.



This is an easy to grow strain specially designed for those who don’t have a green thumb. Its Sativa-dominant lineage makes it a strain that is not delicate to plant anywhere, its hardiness has been tested through time. It has a very fruitful taste of mango twist and citrusy that gives an energizing effect to those who have depression and anxiety. This is a strain that will grow tall and healthy if given a well-ventilated environment that will enable its leaves to spread out.



This strain is a perfect strain to be grown outdoors because it has characteristics that can tolerate a not so ideal environment for a cannabis plant to grow. As its name implies, it has a rich white trichome that covers the compact buds. It has a relatively high level of THC making it a perfect strain for pain management and mood booster.  It has a medium size physique that is a perfect strain that can grow anywhere with minimum supervision given that it has high resistance to bacteria, pest, molds, and mildew.


  • Dutch Treat


This is a versatile strain because it tends to have the same characteristics whether grown indoors or outdoors. It has the fragrance and flavors of sugary, fruity, and piney. This is a strain known for its medical benefits especially for those who have mental conditions. This is one of the strains that is known for beginners because it has an easy level of difficulty when growing and it is not particular to lighting and temperature.



This strain is named after its sweet and fruity aroma. This strain can go anywhere as long as you would feed it with the right amount of nitrogen, magnesium and enrich it with fresh water. This is one of the strain that a high absorbent to water indicating that it can withstand places that have wet conditions. Even Though it has a slow flowering time, expect that it will give you fully developed buds in large yields.


Characteristics Of a Strain That Can Grow Anywhere


  1. Resilient

One of the characteristics of a strain that can be grown anywhere should be resilient to different environmental stressors such as the lighting, temperature and the climate. Resilience also refers to the versatility of the cannabis plant to stay in different conditions.


  1. Easy to grow

If the strain is easy to grow, then it has characteristics that can easily adapt to the natural changes in cannabis growth. If the strain can grow easily then it means that it is less susceptible to some pests and plant diseases.


  1. Pest, Mold and plant diseases resistant

An indication that a strain can grow anywhere if it can resist the harmful effects of pest, mold and some plant diseases. If the cannabis plant has already been infested, it should be able to recover quickly so as not to affect its growth phase.


  1. Low maintenance

If the cannabis strain is a low maintenance strain,  it means that it can grow on different kinds of environment that require a little care when it comes to lighting and other environmental conditions. Strains that requires less maintenance will help you conserve your resources.


  1. Can adapt to different conditions

An ideal strain to grow in changing environmental conditions should be able to adapt quickly. If the strain has a hard time adapting then there is a tendency that it will become sick because of its deficiency to recognize the things that are happening around it.

Marijuana has a lineage that can naturally grow anywhere whatever the environmental condition is. These strain can grow anywhere with minimal supervision but it would still require to receive enough care if you want your efforts to be rewarded in the long run.