With how the world is now leaning towards accepting marijuana use recreationally and medically, trusted marijuana seed banks are beginning to pop out of the market. In line with that, millions of Americans go online to find marijuana seeds and buds. But the problem that most people often encounter is that there are plenty of marijuana seed banks online that it can be difficult to weed them out.

So if you are interested in looking for only the most trusted marijuana seed banks on the planet, here are the top names you should highly consider:

 1. Seedsman

Seedsman is a company that operates primarily in the European continent and is located in Spain. It has been in operation since 2003 and is now one of the most trusted seed banks you can ever find on the planet. Because of its popularity, even people in America order seeds all the way from their location in Barcelona, Spain.

What makes Seedsman one of the most popular and most trusted seed banks on the planet is the sheer volume of choices it offers its customers. This seed bank offers over 4,000 different kinds of seeds and strains and also offer its seeds at respectably low prices. And the best part is that it allows you to pay for your seeds using a lot of different methods and makes sure to ship your seeds on time and as discreet as possible.

2. Crop King Seeds

Crop King Seeds is a marijuana seed bank that has several locations all over Canada. It is royalty when it comes to the cannabis seed bank industry and is indeed one of the more trusted sellers of marijuana seeds online. What Crop King Seeds specializes in is stealth shipping as this company is great at making sure that it sends your seeds over to your doorstep in the most discreet way possible.

While Crop King Seeds has plenty of marijuana strains to offer you, it stands out particularly well when it comes to strains such a Blueberry, Afghani, Amnesia Haze, and Northern Lights. That said, it is a seed bank that only offers you the best of the best.

3. I Love Growing Marijuana

Run by a great cannabis personality, I Love Growing Marijuana (ILGM) is a household name in the cannabis seed bank community because of how it offers its customers a wide range of seeds. It has marijuana seeds that are sourced from all over the world and offers plenty of variety when it comes to strains and seed types.

What makes ILGM stand out is not only the quality and selection of its seeds but also because of how informative the site is. This company’s website has a marijuana blog that reviews different types of strains and allows you to learn more about those seeds and how to grow them effectively.

4. Ministry of Cannabis

Ministry of Cannabis is another marijuana seed bank that can be found in Barcelona, Spain. This trusted cannabis seed bank has always been featured in a lot of cannabis events and is one of the more popular seed banks when it comes to preserving the genetics of different strains found and sourced all over the entire world.

When it comes to the type of strains this seed bank sells, Ministry of Cannabis does not have a lot in terms of overall variety. However, what they can offer you are seeds that are feminized and autoflowering. On top of that, it has a very wide shipping range and is very good when it comes to overall payment methods.


Founded in the United Kingdom back in 1999, MSN sells seeds that are quite popular in the entire marijuana industry. This cannabis seed bank is great at offering its customers with low-cost seed bundles and value packs so that you can save money while trying different varieties of seeds at the same time.

MSNL has great customer service and is also one of the best when it comes to stealth delivery and shipping speed. Expect only the finest quality of seeds from this well-known European seed bank.

6. Sensi Seeds

Sensi Seeds is a seed bank that has a pretty good reputation for being one of the most reliable and trusted companies in the industry. This seed bank is based in Amsterdam and is a proud name because of how it has produced winning strains such as Northern Lights #5 x Haze, Jack Herer, and Big Bud.

Other than its high-THC seeds, Sensi Seeds is also known for selling other marijuana-related products such as vaporizers. You can also see some pretty good medical strains with high CBD contents in its roster of high-quality marijuana seeds.

7. Amsterdam Marijuana Seeds

A seed bank that has been around for almost three decades already, Amsterdam Marijuana Seeds is one of the best companies not only in Europe but also in the entire world. This seed company sources its products from all over Europe and promises to sell seeds that come from the best breeders in the Netherlands.

Amsterdam Marijuana Seeds is great at stealth mailing and makes your seeds look like any ordinary package. Its website is also quite intuitive and will allow you to easily browse through its selection of seeds.

8. Seed Supreme

Though it is one of the younger marijuana seed banks in the cannabis industry, Seed Supreme has made a name for itself by making sure that both its seeds and its services are as high quality as possible. That said, only expect the finest from Seed Supreme.

Seed Supreme makes its services available easily by messaging them on their social media page. You can also pay for the seeds in a variety of ways. Because of such a quality type of service from this company, there certainly is no wondering why it has garnered a lot of positive reviews online.

9. Bodhi Seeds

Bodhi Seeds is recommended as one of the best seed banks on the planet by High Times. It is a company that has stayed true and consistent to its nature of providing you with seeds and services that come from the finest breeders all over the world. This company itself is also a pretty good breeder as well. In that sense, it also has a lot of original seeds that have also won their fair share of awards.

10. Attitude Seed Bank

Attitude Seed Bank is based in Suffolk, England and is a company that will always make sure that it ships its seeds worldwide in a packaging that is as stealthy as possible. Of course, it also offers you plenty of payment options for your seeds. And when it comes to seed variety and genetics, you can expect it to be just as good especially if you consider the fact that it has over 200 brands in its roster of strains.