Cannabis seeds are widely used for various reasons. Cannabis influencer, Steve Angelo, noted that cannabis has the capability of extending patience and boosting resilience and acceptance. But whatever purpose it is, it is always best to know where to buy cannabis seeds.

Typically, online cannabis seed banks are offering their seeds in better rates as compared to the rates given by the physical stores. Moreover, buying cannabis seeds online is a lot more convenient. It saves you much of your time since you do not have to go out to visit seed shops.

Nevertheless, there are also gambles when it comes to purchasing cannabis seeds online. In order to avert these risks, it is significant to only buy from a legitimate seed bank. To properly guide you in choosing the best cannabis seed bank, here are some tips on how to choose a cannabis seed bank.

Where to Buy Cannabis Seeds – Tips in Finding Seed Banks

  1. URL address has HTTPS

The first indicator of a legitimate seed bank is that its URL address has HTTPS rather than just HTTP. The “S” in HTTPS corresponds for security – which means that you are entering a website with a private or secure connection. Any information that you will input from your computer shall undergo the process of encryption. Because of this, none of your information can be accessed by people from the outside.

  1. The seed bank website has been existing for at least more than a year

You have to be certain that you are transacting from a seed bank that has been offering cannabis seeds online for more than a year. Seed banks which are existing for quite a while are most likely to offer legitimate cannabis seeds and are able to keep their long adrift because of their reliable business. On the other way, swindler sites can often exist for less than a year.

  1. Research for the domain name of the seed bank by using the domain registrar websites.

A domain name is the address of the website seen at the top portion of the browser. You should know that legitimate cannabis seed banks will never use private registration. Hence, the contact of the domain is the provider itself. See for any signs of the transferred domain. If you happen to detect a transferred site, you should be alarmed because it might be a compromised website and cannot be trusted.

Also, verify the contact information in the domain. If you see no information on the name of the owner of the domain, then take it as a warning.

  1. Verify the ‘Contact Us’ page of the seed bank. If you see a phone number on the website, try dialing it to verify validity. If you get an answer from a representative acknowledging his connection to the company, then it is a positive indication. Remember that the majority of the companies do not have an auto messaging mechanism if you contact their number. Do not immediately consider that it is a negative indication if you receive a messaging system when contacting the number. Nevertheless, it is a negative indication if no one will be answering your call after an hour or more.

If you don’t see any contact numbers, try the email address and contact the support line. Verify their policies particularly their return process or how they manage large orders.

  1. Be cautious of seed banks that only accept cash, cryptocurrencies, or prepaid cash cards for payment.

Legitimate seed banks accept credit card and other kinds of secured payment selections. Payments through cash do not offer protection or security to your order.

  1. Check on the various reviews from the cannabis community websites. These websites let people leave their reviews on a certain seed store. One definite good indication is seeing numbers of good reviews with a combination of neutral and negative feedbacks. Practically, not all seed banks who have been doing business for a long time can keep the satisfaction of all their customers.
  2. Legit cannabis seed bank sees to it that there are no errors in the spelling or wrong grammars in the website.  

The website, including the Terms & Conditions, Company Background, and Privacy Policy, should be free from grammatical error or wrong spelling. Be particular on what is being indicated in the Terms & Conditions and in the Privacy Policy. Hackers will commonly copy similar details to another seed bank then alter it will lesser effort prior to putting it in the website.

If you notice any deviations on any of the pages, like remarking another seed bank, then you should be alarmed of this site.

You now have the basic ideas on how to determine a legitimate cannabis seed bank. The occurrence of HTTPS and the age of the website are prompt indications of a legit seed bank. Perform the necessary analysis in verifying the domain of the website and contact details to help you determine if you can rely on a particular cannabis seed bank.

Knowing where to buy cannabis seeds is a crucial task for a client. By purchasing quality cannabis seeds from a legitimate seed bank, you can aid and enhance yourself through the buds that you will yield.