where can I buy bulk marijuana seeds

The Falling Price of Wholesale Marijuana Seeds

As a marijuana cultivator, who won’t like growing plants with high quality and valuable cannabis seeds? But this is something that a person must be well-aware of when it comes to having proper soil nutrients, light quality, and adequate watering to obtain final yield with the best results. This article shall discuss in detail one of the most questions for a marijuana cultivator, “where can I buy bulk marijuana seeds?”

The Best Response to “Where Can I Buy Bulk Marijuana Seeds?”

The wholesale prices of cannabis products in all markets have fallen compared to the last year’s report when it comes to its recreational use. On a 2017 study, the results provided by the cannabis benchmark in states across the United States that fallen relatively for almost 50%. Whether you will be using cannabis seeds which are light or dark in color needs a tough decision to make.

As well as all the other characteristics that you have for your marijuana plants that will make your yield for profitable yield from healthy and worth the shot growing procedure.

Through the reviews made by EastCoastCreep, a CBD vlogger, she mentioned some direct responses to the question that we have posted, “where can I buy bulk marijuana seeds?” The marijuana plant strain to ensure the desired cannabinoid content and terpene profiling for whatever product you aim to produce.

Let us set an example to illustrate this, if you have to grow a photoperiod CBD marijuana seed strain, it may desire a minimum of eight weeks within the vegetative amount to grow to an exact extent. Once the agriculturist is glad about the expansion of the plant, he will then change the plant from the state of vegetation to flowering. This will be done by fixing the sunlight on each of the days spent by your strain to get the perfect yield.

On research conducted in 2017 has produced some promising results about the positive effects of medical marijuana. Researchers in Israel found that more than half of 12,000 cancer patients had experienced relief from pain through marijuana use. Other Israeli researchers found that a 27% improvement in pain relief of 47 people suffering from Parkinson’s disease. In another study conducted with participants suffering from fibromyalgia, half of the 26 patients were able to stop taking other medicines while using marijuana and there is also evidence that it can reduce pain in migraine sufferers. This is also a living proof for you to buy marijuana seeds in Australia.

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Research continued on the novel compound in the 1960s on different types of primates. These studies continued to show no ill side effects and no change in mental state. Finally, in the early 1970s, the first example of cannabidiol oil was approved for use and released by an organization called the Australian Pharmacopoeia, which is similar to the UK’s version of the US Food and Drug Administration.

Furthermore, quality marijuana seeds sold on wholesale might have been originated in the Mediterranean but it has been a key ingredient in meals and medicine for millennia, going as far back as the time of the Ancient Americans. Its leaves are uniquely identified by their rough, thick texture with a length of approximately 3 to 4 inches. They are a deep green color with a hint of shine and distinct oval shape. The smell of the leaves of marijuana plant strains is sweet and satisfying whether enjoyed in herbal beverages or to flavor roast poultry. The dried leaves emit a more potent scent and have a significant shelf life enabling you to store them for many months without spoiling.

Factors that Contribute to the Falling Price of Wholesale Marijuana Seeds

Part of the fact that you are answering the question on ‘where can I buy bulk marijuana seeds’, is to know the factors that can contribute to the falling price of wholesale marijuana seeds.

Age of seeds for Wholesale Buying

If you place the seeds under pressure this will also determine the age of the seeds. If it has poor quality, it means that the seed is old. It will then break into many parts under pressure and unusable. This will not be worth the risk and the time that you will spend. Remember that the seeds are simply not just as pods for your marijuana plant strains. These are unusable especially if you want good yield for your seeds. Prime seeds are not something that would give a good profit for your whole business.

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Germination Rate of Marijuana Seeds

When you deal with young and immature seeds is something green and always white in appearance. Thus, it is more unlikely that the seed germination process is something manageable with a much longer time to spend. If you obtain a fresher seed means an optimal age for your seed. When learning how to plant and use marijuana plant strains, it is important to know how to choose the right variety for medicinal and aesthetic purposes.

The texture of Marijuana Seeds

Based on what has been said above, darker seeds are the ones with the greater quality that the lighter ones. Higher quality seeds must feel firmer than the others when you touch it since you are placing the seed between the thumb and your index finger while giving it a squeeze. It should be resilient to the pressure made by your fingers that will make you feel that it is really firm as soon as it does bend and break under the applied pressure which is more likely significant in planting process for your marijuana plant strains.

Visual Appearance

One of the initial ways to gauge if your cannabis seed that will grow into marijuana plants is that if they bear the highest quality and traits is how they look like on the outside. These are very obvious especially if they work out very well when we tell about how they are bought or sold in the markets. The darker colors are the ones that exhibit the superior quality of the seeds since they are healthier through its outer shell. The black and get shades are the ones that mean that it is a good seed to use for your yield and displays an orange-striped color like a tiger’s skin.

The toughness of Wholesale Marijuana Seeds

This characteristic will determine the profitability of your cannabis seeds. You can do this by filling up a glass of water or a jar that is filled with water and make your cannabis seeds float. You can place distilled or spring water. The genetics of your cannabis seeds can be determined through this since it will whether it will have poor quality when you are about to harvest it.

Spring is the best time for repotting for your marijuana plant strains, as the plant is just starting a growth spurt. You can propagate the plant from its seeds and also from cuttings. For cuttings, use clean pruning shears and snip off a stem that has at least two leaf nodes. Dip the cut end in a hormone rooting mix and then plant the stem in a regular potting mix. It will take about four weeks for the stem to develop roots. During this time, the potting soil should be kept moist and the plant should even be misted occasionally.

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Plant Structure of Marijuana

Remember that indoor cannabis plants can be kept on the light schedules will get to display on the vegetative growth side of your marijuana plant strains. The leaf structure of marijuana plant strains must be segmented when it comes to its veins. A special substance called chlorophyll makes the plants automatic feminized seeds appear green to our eyes. Most plants have this, even some that don’t seem to be green. That’s because chlorophyll is one of the most efficient energy producers in the world.

Remember that auto-flowering cannabis does not need special lights on the vegetative stage is good for three to four weeks. Genetic tendencies of being hermaphroditic occur sometimes on strains of feminized cannabis plants, which is one of the two things that causes a cannabis plant to be hermaphroditic wherein the other one is environmental stress, and some of its strains only occur on extremely rare amounts. Rare amounts of genetically caused hermaphrodites are produced from seeds from a reputable breeder. The causes of your plants to become hermaphroditic are dependent on how many you planted on your garden.


We have answered the question on “where can I buy bulk marijuana seeds?” For all those who prefer to grow their marijuana indoors, they will be required to place their marijuana seeds for wholesale in low temperature on a soil inside the garden area or even somewhere with natural light. The high temperature will surely cause the buds to grow flaccid and airy.

You may want to simply place the buds far away from the lighting source and make sure to have it placed in an environment below the recommended temperature of 80 degrees Fahrenheit or 27 degrees Celsius. The growing area must be maintained under this temperature as a good rule of the thumb as its best.

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