There are two ways to grow marijuana plants and that is to plant them indoors and outdoors. But most people prefer to grow them outdoors due to numerous benefits that it gives. One of its benefits is that outdoor plants give huge amount of yields than the indoor ones. Another thing is that it gives a more intricate smell and taste if you plant the strains outdoors. However, there are some plants that can grow more indoors than outdoors. So if you want to yield more grams, it is best to make some research about the plant before you grow them.

There are certain procedures that you need to follow if you want to grow weedoutdoors. These procedures are proven effective in growing MJ plants.

Terrestrial Location

Before you plant medicinal pot, you need to know your geographical location first. You need to know the type of climate you have in your area so that you can choose a strain that is ideal for your weather.

There are some strains that can grow in cold areas while others are more preferable in tropical countries. It is good to know which type of strain that is good in your area so you can produce more cannabis plant.

The Site

Choosing a place where you will plant your MJ seeds is also important. You need to look for a site where your plants can get the things that they need. You also need to consider if the plants will be kept hidden once the plants grow. In this way, no one will notice that you have a Mary Jane garden.


Though some countries allow people to grow MJs, it is still important to keep it well hidden from other people. If you are planning to grow it in your garden, you have to plant them beside a vegetable or fruits that grows like the MJ that you have.

But if you are going to plant them outside, you need to choose a location where nobody can see that there is a Mary Jane garden in their forest.

Aside from these, you also need to consider the soil and the sunlight. Ensure that the soil has the right amount pH level so that your plants will grow healthier. You also need to ensure that the place should have enough sunlight for it gives a huge factor in taking care of herbal MJ plants.


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