Most cannabis growers prefer to plant their cannabis plants indoors because they think it is more secure. However, some growers realize that they do not get much marijuana yield from growing them indoors. Some beginner growers cannot also afford to build their own greenhouse that is why they have no other option but to grow them outdoors.

There is nothing really to worry about growing marijuana outdoors because it is much easier and you just have to be extra careful especially when you are trying to grow and propagate them in several pots. With these three basic steps, you will never go wrong in being successful with your weed farm.

Follow these 3 Basic Steps When Growing Marijuana Outdoors

  1. Prepare all the appropriate materials that you need.

First, you have to secure the cannabis seeds that you need. For beginners, it is recommended that you try the autoflowering strains so that you will not be worried much about the maintenance of cannabis seeds. Because they are autoflowering, the flowering period follows when the vegetative growth has become successful. You should also take note of the growth factors. You need to provide an area with adequate sunlight, pots with well-aerated soil, good amount of nutrients, and consistent water supply.

  1. Plant them timely and accordingly

When purchasing the seeds, take note of the flowering time and harvest period. Some autoflowering strains have determined schedule when to flower and when they should be harvested so you have to follow it accordingly. Timing is important to everything so you should religiously follow what the planting instructions suggest. To establish security, you might need to install fences around your weed farm to avoid people involving with it. It will also help prevent other stray animals to damage your cannabis plants as they too can cause damage to your potential and expected cannabis yield.

  1. Monitor their needs from time to time

Unlike the other plants, they require large amount of water, air, and nutrients to release their growth potential. You have to comply all of their requirements so that you can achieve your target yield. It is important that you monitor the amount of nutrients or fertilizers you are going to apply because an excess will cause failure. If you want to secure these needs, you might want to try hydroponics. The hydroponics system will let your cannabis plants receive consistent amounts of water and nutrients. This way, they will be able to grow at their best.