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Medical Marijuana 101: The Cultivation Guide

The debate over the legalization of marijuana in the United States was long overdue. Marijuana is now sold legally in 23 states within the US. It is also legal to sell marijuana for recreational use in states such as Colorado and Washington. But, if you are among those who want to know about medical marijuana and where to buy medical marijuana seeds online, read on.

Medical Marijuana

Medical marijuana is the popular term that is used to refer to the whole process of using raw marijuana plant or potent marijuana extracts to cure symptoms of health conditions and illness. However, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approved only two marijuana-based medications. These FDA approved medications have been in thorough research and numerous clinical trials.

Experts found out that they contain cannabinoids, a chemical component found in marijuana. The medications are in pill form and researchers are looking for other approaches towards the development of several cannabis-based treatments.

Since there are claims that the marijuana plant has some medicinal value, given the fact that it can alleviate a certain range of symptoms and illnesses, many consumers debate that it should be legalized for medical use. With regards to this, numerous states have passed laws that legalize the plant for medical purposes. Many activists and social media influencers, like Big Mike, have also helped to make marijuana legal.

Ever since 2700 B.C., marijuana has served its purpose as a medicinal plant when it was utilized in China to cure malaria, gout, and rheumatism. The facts about the medical capacity of the plant continuously spread in different parts of Asia until it was also discovered in India, where it was utilized as an effective stress and pain reliever. After that, the medicinal value of the plant got everyone’s attention and it was also recognized in European and the Americas.

Medical marijuana can be consumed in various forms, including vaporizing, smoking, and eating. There are more than 60 active ingredients or cannabinoids that dwell in marijuana and these all have different medical abilities. Our body is capable of producing these cannabinoids and they function by reducing the amount of pain we feel.

The primary cannabinoid that is present in marijuana is called the THC, which is in short for tetrahydrocannabinol. THC can arouse the CB1 receptors located in the brain, nervous system, and other vital organs in the body. Once the CB1 receptors are triggered, they produce hormones that pacify pain and stress caused by mutilated nerve cells and tissues. Aside from this, some researches discovered the ability of marijuana to prevent muscle spasms and other symptoms of muscles disorders.

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Moreover, medical marijuana can also enhance the appetite of patients who are dealing with suppressed appetites due to medical treatments or conditions. It is also highly-prescribed among patients who are going through chemotherapy since this type of treatment usually decreases the patient’s appetite. These are just some of the medicinal properties of marijuana.

However, it also has its fair share of side-effects, which is typical of all kinds of medicine. One prominent side-effect is its impact on reasoning and thinking skills of the patient or user. You can expect that the person who ingested the medicine may experience a change in his or her attention and judgment capacities.

Growing Medical Marijuana

There are numerous ways to cultivate medical marijuana. If you are planning to start your garden, the following is a guide to different growing methods. It also includes a summary of the advantages and disadvantage of each method.

Plain Dirt

This is the basic method of growing any crop. It doesn’t have any complicated set-up; all you need to do is to grow marijuana just like a regular plant. However, you need to choose good soil, maintain its water supply, and use fertilizer.

Cheaper and much easier compared to other methods
Utilizes basic nursery store fertilizer

Greater risk of losing the plant due to unbalanced nutrients and minerals in the soil
Fewer yields compared to other methods

Coco Fiber/Rock Wool

Though soil has an amazing ability to hold the roots of the plants, you can also opt for a dormant medium, something that doesn’t possess the quality issues associated with regular soil.

The plant is easy to grow in this method
Higher production compared to soil
Cheaper than plain soil
Doesn’t attract bugs and insects
Cleaner and less messy than soil

Needs a special type of fertilizer which is more expensive
Needs coco fiber which you need to get in your local store

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Hydroponics is a method of growing marijuana in gravel, without using any soil or vegetable particles. You can place the gravel in pots then water it with a mixture of water and special fertilizers. Growing marijuana in hydroponics has better root growth compared to plain soil.

Much higher harvest compared to the previous methods
Cleaner since it doesn’t utilize any soil

Expensive since it requires different equipment such as reservoirs, pumps, pots, fertilizer, and water
Needs a lot of work to maintain since it involves pH and nutrient monitoring to prevent the crops from dying
Needs complicated set-up and equipment
Requires spacious grow area


Aeroponics is the method of growing marijuana in thin air. This is possible by placing the plants in mesh baskets and hanging them out. The fertilizer and water mixture will be given by spraying the roots of the plant. This growing method supports amazing root growth that even exceeds hydroponics.

The fastest method of growing marijuana
Produces the highest yield among other methods

A bit pricey compared to growing in soil because it has the same equipment as hydroponic
Needs more labor to get amazing results, daily monitoring is highly recommended
Leaves no room for mistakes. The pH and nutrient level needs to be maintained at all times
The water level needs to be monitored to avoid drowning or drying out the crops


Aquaponics is a growing method that utilizes two techniques in food production which is aquaculture and hydroponics. This method is based on the idea of growing plants and raising fish simultaneously in a soil-free system. The fish and plant form a significant bond wherein they provide each other’s needs.

The plants function as the natural filter that cleanses their habitat and the fish provides the food. When exposed to climate-controlled growing space, this method can produce high-quality, organic fish and plants, any time of the year.

High-levels of yield throughout the year
Uses bacteria to transform fish waste, uneaten food, and decaying plant particle into nutrients

Costly because of the advanced equipment
Needs a whole lot of work to maintain

Where to Buy Medical Marijuana Seeds Online

1. MJ Seeds Canada

This seed bank provides an exclusive collection of marijuana. Located in Canada, this reputable company is the home of the highest quality of marijuana strains that are bred by expert budtenders all over the world. If you are looking for top-rate products, MJ seeds never disappoint.

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They offer every variety of marijuana seeds including feminized, regular, and autoflowering. Their seeds are highly-workable and their prices are cost-effective.

2. Rocket Seeds

Rocket Seeds is the home of highly sought after medical marijuana seeds that are grown by respected breeders from different parts of the world. They offer nationwide shipping, stealth packaging, and efficient delivery process. They have over 3000 varieties of marijuana seeds, including those that you can cultivate for medicinal use, which contains high levels of CBD and THC. Their products range from autoflowering, feminized and regular seeds.

This seed bank never stops in improving their products and that’s what their customers love about them.

3. Crop King Seeds

Based on Canada, Crop King Seeds is the seed bank that you can trust for any type of medical marijuana seeds. They value customer satisfaction above anything else and they always ensure that your inquiries will be answered. Apart from that, they offer worldwide shipping and discrete delivery scheme, so wherever you are, you can work with them.

They offer various kinds of marijuana seeds including the sought after regular, feminized, and autoflowering seeds. You will never run out of options when shopping from this highly-reputable seed bank. On top of that, they are trusted by more than 100 retail stores all over Canada.

4. Sonoma Seeds

Situated in the West Coast, Sonoma Seeds has one ultimate goal: to grow organically, which is why they are the source of the best quality strains in Canada. They deliver orders globally and if your purchase reaches $300, you get to enjoy free shipping, which is a great advantage. Apart from that, they take pride in the quality of their products and they offer different payment options.


Ever since time immemorial, medical marijuana served its medical purpose, no wonder there’s clamor where to buy medical marijuana seeds online. It is used all over the world, especially in the Middle East, China, India, Europe, and America. This naturally-occurring herb has a lot of medical potentials and until today, researchers are looking into other possibilities on how this plant can transform the medical field.

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