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What is Sativa

What is Sativa

Sativa strain has a light shade of green in color, plenty of space between leaves and gets taller unlike Indica strain that only averages its height to 4 feet tall. It can potentially grow as tall as 20 feet. Having its long, narrow leaves, uncontrollably growing habits, and has longer budding time it is hard to grow indoors but perfectly ideal for outdoor cultivation. It is longer to grow and takes time to mature, and requires more light. Before harvesting you need to wait for 9-12 weeks. Sativa is usually found on hot, dry and sunny days. This strain has a higher dose of THC and a lower dose of CBD. 

Sativa, commonly associated with use; often gets a “mind high”, more energized, and anti-anxiety effect. You may feel productive, energized but not relaxed once you use it. It is ideal to use during day time because of its stimulating impact. Sativa also has three popular strains; the Acapulco Gold, Panama Red that has , and Durban Poison; these strains have a lower percent of CBD and a high THC and can relieve pain, anxiety, stress and nausea. Because of low CBD and high THC it is used as medicine for many conditions. 

Sativa can easily get stressed in a cold temperature and generally respond well to high levels of light and doesn’t mind the little heat. When the leaves grow less than usual it means the plant is lacking nutrients and receiving a low light. It is ideal to give a low level of nitrogen because it tends to grow more buds. 

Growing Tips

It’s difficult to stress once they’re growing fast because sativa plants respond well to LST (low stress training). Usually, you will see a significant number of stems between sets of leaves (that is so common to Sativa strain), defoilation can sometimes be harmful to the plant. Optimum result is when you expose the buds of and the inside of a stretchy plant. When the bud gets hidden by the leaves, defoliation is more effective and has a more potential to increase yields. It takes 3 months for some sativa to start flowering and ready to be harvested in a 12/12 flowering light schedule. Sativa gets hermies when it is under stress and is ready to harvest if the buds get pollinated. 

Harvesting Tips

After months of flowering, some sativa strains have trichomes that may never turn to amber. It is possible to harvent in time even if there is no amber showing if your plants have fullywhite trichomes. For you to have a psychedelic effect you can harvest even trichomes are mostly cloudy with few clears left. Before harvesting you should also look for 2 samples of trichome

s if it’s ready to harvest. Trichome should mostly look like milky white with just fewer clears of maximum potency. Because it is ready for harvesting, but it is too early for harvesting because there are quite a few clear trichomes left. 

Hopefully these will help you know about sativa strain and in growing sativa strain even if it’s indoors or outdoors. It may be challenging but it’s worth it.