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What is Indica Strains?

Marijuana has many strains and Indica is one of them. Just like other strains Indica originated in the cool, and higher-altitude climate of Afghanistan and Pakistan. This plant is from the family of Cannabaceae. Its height tends to grow averaging between 2 to 4 feet. Indica strains can be medicinal and recreational used. This plant grows faster and produces more buds. This plant has a darker shade of green and wider leaves and is more densely branched. It also has 3 popular strains: the Hindu Kush, Afghan Kush, and granddaddy purple. In this article we’re going to get to know more about Indica, how to grow them properly, its characteristics, and its many side effects.

Indica Strains Characteristics

Usually, Indica strain is short, bushy, and has an intense dark shade of green, wide and short leaves. You easily recognized if its indica due to the color and size of its leaves. And one of its important features when the branches grow upward and thicker in order to lift the weight of the  buds when the plant starts flowering. Just like White Widow and Northern Lights some indica grows wide at the bottom and it is perfect for growing indoors with a SCROG method. 

Growing Pure Indica Strains

Indica is very ideal in growing indoors, it grows faster and stronger with its thick trunks and is able to fit quite a lot of plants in small spaces. Choosing the best indica strains are prone to mold when it lacks air circulation. When the flowering period starts, they grow even bigger and wider and after 2 months most strains finish flowering after the flipping of lights. Because of its sturdiness and compact it is perfect to grow both indoors and outdoors. Indica produced resin naturally and used it to make hash. But when the rain gets to the plant it’s more likely to get fungi. But in growing indica you should learn the steps and tricks in growing this strain.

Starting in choosing the top indica strains, you have to pick the best seeds because there are so many to pick in the market. And then you will proceed to vegetating by varying the length of time you can allow them to remain in the vegitative stage and you can also control the size of your plant. Giving them a cool breeze, make sure to let the grow room drop 10-15°F every night to get the best harvest. Protect the plants from molds, even though they grow in a cold temperature but they are also prone to mold. Lastly, drying and curing cannabis indica. Because of dense buds they are prone to mold and need a little extra care. Dry them in a dark room with good ventilation (do not blow the air directly to the plant). You can also trim the sweet leaves early.

Side Effects of Indica

Indica strain is known because of its medicinal use and is associated with its full-body effects like, deep relaxation and reducing insomnia. Smoking a joint will help many people with their illness that is more effective than medication. It has a higher level of CBD and lesser THC. It can also increase your appetite and reduce nausea and pain. And because of its relaxing effect it is best used during night time.

Growing Indica strain will give you a satisfying feeling. It may be easy to grow and not more challenging than other strains but will give the best results when you just follow the proper growing processes. Even with just a little attention and care your indica will grow healthy.