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Marijuana Strains

Marijuana strains may all look pretty much all the same and though, in these brown, speckled hulls, the possibility for endless variety is captured. From industrial hemp to thoroughly polished Sativa from the newest autoflowering strains to the oldest marijuana seeds yet to be found, everything starts with seed.  There is also no visible difference among regular cannabis seeds, autoflowering cannabis seeds, feminized cannabis, and seeds for industrial hemp plants. That’s why you buy your cannabis seeds from a trusted seed bank so you also know what you are getting.

For expecting growers, a singular marijuana plant could produce hundreds of cannabis seeds even more than a thousand, depending on its size and the effectiveness of the breeding process. Some strains of hemp are bred to improve seed production when a seed is a primary crop for example when you used it as a source of food. 

What Is Marijuana Strains?

If you’re a user or a marijuana cultivator for some time, then you have known what is all about marijuana and how they come from. Generally, you might see most dispensaries are talking about Indica, Hybrid and Sativa. These are the top 3 categories of marijuana.

Indica is believed to have a soothing and relaxing effect on the users, which originates from Hindu Kush in the mountains of India. Meanwhile, Sativa effects have more energizing and heavy effects on users. At the same time, the combination of these two effects is called Hybrid.

Users could even eat marijuana strains, and it’s great for you. Cannabis sativa seeds are a good source of proteins and require a near-perfect balance of omega 3,6, and 9 essential fatty acids (EFAs). They are essential to human health and therefore can not be produced by the body. It’s ideal to eat hemp seeds, unlike marijuana seeds, because the old ones are much cheaper. There’s no variation in the EFA content of the seeds, only the THC content of the plants they generate. Marijuana seeds don’t quite contain THC (tetrahydrocannabinol) and any other psychoactive substance. 

How Are Marijuana Strains Consumed?

Choosing marijuana strains will depend on you and your profiles. A lot of users are right after the medical uses of cannabis that’s why their desire of growing it is for both recreational and medical purposes

If you could do an in-depth research about cannabis and its strains effects, you could have a potential in selecting the best marijuana plant you can grow. There are some possible side effects to each marijuana strain if you decide to use it, such as drying of your mouth, dizziness, dry eyes, and mental effects if consumed abusively.

So, to protect you from being harmed in consuming cannabis strains, always see to it that you will know the THC and CBD effects of each strain and that you will know if you do research of these marijuana plants. 

Always, keep in mind that moderate use is good for your health, but excessive use of marijuana could lead to some health and mental problems.