Rogue Thunder

Genetics Afghan X Alaskan Thunder Fuck
Climate Indoor/Outdoor
Yield 400g indoor/ 250g outdoor
Height low- medium
Flowering Time 8 weeks
Effect Body Buzz, Medical
THC Level Moderate (12.98%)
Growing Easy


Rogue Thunder is the combination of both Afghan and Alaskan Thunder Fuck strains. Beginners usually choose this type of strain because of its flexibility to any environment. Rogue thunder is considered as one of the highest crop yielder of its strain type that can produce 550 grams of weed per plant. It can even more increase its yields with the help of proper care and nurturing of the plant. This strain is known for its tingling effects sensation that is commonly used for medications. Rogue Thunder is the combination of both sativa and indica marijauna species that is famous for its both strong imagination and lively body effects. It is also used in treating several disorders like insomia, migraines, and sometimes acts as food stimulants.

Growth, Appearance, and Effect

Rogue Thunder can easily be distinguished by its appearance. The colors of its leaves are usually dark green and its body is full of needle-like orange hairs. Germination of seeds can take quite long that usually takes 2-3 days before planting; but it can be done in a small plastic with enough moisture on it. The flowering process of this strain type is much faster compared to other marijauna types. It can be harvested as early as two months and can yield 400 grams of weed per plant. The THC level is not really high but still enough in producing buzzing feelings to the user. It produces relaxing and enjoyable feelings when smoked.

Medical Effects

Marijauna is widely known for its medical effects. Rogue Thunder is a type of marijauna that can help in boosting food stimulation. Rogue Thunder is a type of medical marijauna that is extensively used in patients who suffers from poor diet. It is used to induce food stimulations to help gain weight for skinny people.  The weed of this strain can also treat people who have Anorexia nervosa or people who are very conscious about their weight.

Another benefit in using this weed is that it can get rid of severe arthritis, cramps, muscle pain, and even joint paints. Rogue Thunder is also suited for people who are physically fit and active. It gives calming and relaxing effect to the body after excessive activities such as hiking, biking, and working out.

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