Dark Angel

Genetics Cheese X Jack Herer
Climate Indoor/Outdoor
Yield 550gindoor/ 350g outdoor
Height 91 cm
Flowering Time 7-8 weeks
Effect Full Body Stone
THC Level Medium THC (17-19%)
Growing Easy


One of the people’s favorite is the Dark Angel strain. It has the balance mixture of both indica and sativa cannabis type. Dark Angel provides high sedation and uplifting sensation that is perfect for relaxation. It is also good treatment for tensed muscles and cramps. The seeds can be easily cultivated by beginners even without the aid of any grower’s guide and tutorial. A high quality seed of this strain have great percentage of germination and usually takes days of nourishing before planting. This marijuana type has natural dark green leaves and has denser buds.

Growth and Germination

Growing Dark Angel cannabis is not hard. There is no need for high and expensive tools to enable to produce this kind of strain. Simple materials like plastic bag, paper towel, and a cup of water can do the work. The germination of the seed usually takes 2-3 days of moisturizing before planting. Putting it in a dark and room temperature place will increase the speed of the seed germination. However, Dark Angel seeds are brittle and delicate because of its small size and can be easily be crushed in you bare hands. It can grow 70-90 centimeters when fully matured. Yields will depend on the environment and the condition of the soil. Healthier soil will produce greater yields.

Medical Effects

Dark Angel cannabis has its own unique properties. Because of its distinct mutation, it provides both relaxing feeling in the body and strong imaginative effect in the mind. The levels of THC are pretty high that can reach up to 20%. It can give the user an instant feeling of cheerfulness and peace of mind. It is also for treating muscle and body pain, headache, nausea, and depression. Dark Angel is also known for its soothing effect in elevating severe pain of Premenstrual Syndrome of women. This strain type is also good for people who suffer from Dravet syndrome that causes epileptic seizures. Many researches prove that Dark Angel is effective and very safe to use because of it contains 0.4% of CBD.

This weed can also give benefit effects to people who are struggling from cancer. Dark Angel provides numbing effects that can help in relieving the pain caused by cancer cells. It makes the muscle relax and lessen the stress felt of cancer patients.

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