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Marijuana Seeds

Marijuana seeds may all look super much the same, and yet within these brown, speckled hulls, the possibility for endless variety is captured. From industrial hemp to thoughtfully refined Sativas, from the latest autoflowering strains to the oldest cannabis seeds yet to be found, this all starts with seeds! It is important to understand which type of marijuana strain you are interested in developing. This indicates determining whether you’d like to grow Indica seed for pain relief and sleep disorders, Sativa for mental stimulation and anxiety, or hybrid that resides somewhere within the middle. Carefully consider your treatment goals and a growing environment when making these decisions. 

Difference between Feminized, Auto-flowering, and Traditional Seeds? 

There is no distinct difference between feminized, auto-flowering, and traditional seeds but deep inside of them, buried in their genetics, there are a few major differences that can impact your growth and your budget in a few significant ways. 

Feminized Seeds – are seeds specially made for the production of female plants. Properly generated feminized seeds are expected to net female plants approximately 95% of the time. Those who also tend to grow faster and are less finicky about their growing environments, that also significantly reduces the chances of marijuana seeds or hermaphroditic plants. 

In the past, many various methods have been used to generate females seeds, most of which involve stressing female plants to motivate the production of pollen. Although previous methods have increased the chances that hermaphrodite qualities will be passed down through the generations, new methods involving various types of silver have been effective in removing this outcome. 

Auto-flowering Seeds – these seeds are also the result of genetic mold, and yet their goal is different by crossbreeding various marijuana strains with marijuana Ruderalis strains, cultivators have been able to produce marijuana strains that flower automatically after three weeks. Due to various Ruderalis heritage, these plants expand much more compact than most other strains and farewell in outdoor environments where they are not affected by variable light cycle. 

As they automatically flower these strains can generally create two full harvests in a single growing season. Clones could not be taken from auto-flowering, but multiple seeds would be required from multiple harvests. 

Regular Seeds – it is all the same ones you’ll find at the bottom of the green stash or at the discount shelf of your local dispensary. They are also the product of the male plant that pollinates a female and it may produce either male or female potted plants at maturity. It is approximated that only 66% of traditional seeds will be female, and it is practically impossible to determine sex until the flowering period.