Now that cannabis cultivation can be done even by private citizens at home, more and more people are looking for marijuana seed banks online. Purchasing seeds online has a lot of advantages that’s why cannabis cultivators prefer to place an order online.

Although buying cannabis seeds online can be convenient, you should first do your research in making sure that you’re having a transaction with a legit seed bank. Scammers are always lurking waiting for their next victim and oftentimes, their actions will lead to taking money from unsuspecting customers.


Payment Policies of Marijuana Seed Banks

Knowing if marijuana seed banks online are legit is the first step that you need to do before proceeding to checkout. Always check if the website including the payment page starts with HTTPS. The letter S stands for a secured website which means all information you input is safe and can never be accessed by a third-party user.

Here are some of the payment methods seed banks offer an online transaction.

  • Pay by Credit or Debit Card

This is probably the most used payment method for buying cannabis seeds online. Since most customers have credit or debit cards and the convenience of just having to input the information on the website makes it a convenient choice.

  • Pay by Bank Transfer

This can also be a convenient choice if you’re enrolled in mobile banking, otherwise, you might need to go to the bank and process your payment there. For some cannabis seed banks, they offer a discount for customers who uses bank transfer.

Using bank transfer as a payment method assures the seed bank of a 100% payment guarantee that’s why some have discounts on them.

  • Pay by Moneygram or any leading money transfer provider

This payment method is mostly used by people who are ordering from another country. This is the easiest way to send money abroad and can be cheap since it doesn’t have high remittance fees.

Some cannabis seed banks will also give a 10% discount when money transfers are used because this transaction will really entail actual money has been used for sending. Thus the process lessens the chances of getting scammed.

  • Pay by using a Cheque

Now, this may seem like an old-fashioned way of paying for goods but this is still used by most people. Those who have checkbooks will always prefer to use this method and send their cheques via mail.

The downside of using this is that the cheque might bounce back once it arrives in the cannabis seed bank. Not having sufficient funds in the bank account might be the reason and if this happens, the transaction will not push through.

  • Pay by Cash in the Mail

This is also an old way of paying for items ordered online but still done by people who are not near banks or not familiar with the technicalities of paying online. Some customers will opt to have their money stored in an envelope and mail it to the seed bank.

Although paying cash via mail is generally safe, there might be instances that it might get lost or stolen in the process of sending. Unless the courier has an insurance system then getting your money back also has slim chances.

  • Pay by Bitcoin

This is one of the newest payment methods used online including in the cannabis industry. Bitcoin is like a digital currency that is 100% anonymous and is encrypted. It’s also not controlled by any government or banking institutions.

Some cannabis cultivators enjoy paying through Bitcoin as it allows them to grow their own cannabis garden yet the bankers and government organizations are not watching them very closely.

In order for you to use Bitcoin, you need to get a Bitcoin Wallet, buy bitcoins from a bitcoin exchange. There are websites that offer these types of services and you can easily search them on the internet.

Advantages of Processing your Cannabis Order Online

  • Some seed banks offer free shipping

There are seed banks who will give you free shipping once you have reached a certain amount to be paid. This is beneficial especially if you have the habit of ordering your cannabis in bulk.

  • Cheaper Prices

Compared to retail store prices, buying your cannabis online will surely help you save money. The reason behind is that physical stores also have a lot of expenses on their list such as salaries for employees, space rent or paying for the paper works.

Online seed banks have less to spend on that’s why they can also offer their seeds at a cheaper price. You just need to do your research, compare and contrast other seed banks so you know which one will help you save money.

  • Convenient

Have you ever had to buy your cannabis while in your pajamas? Well, that’s the level of comfort you will experience once you process your order online. You will not have to experience the hassle of driving to a retail store only to find out that the seeds you want are out of stock.

Marijuana seed banks will also update their online marijuana strain list from time to time to ensure that customers know which ones are available.

For some people especially those who have medical conditions, buying cannabis online is not just a great choice, it’s also a lifesaver. Some people might get anxiety attacks just by thinking that they have to go out of the house and purchase cannabis.

  • Full information about the Marijuana Strain

The good thing about marijuana seed banks online is that you can easily get all the information you want in just 1 page. This information will include the possible results, how to grow, how long will it take to harvest and the origins of the strain.

Purchasing your cannabis online will save you and the budtender a lot of time since you don’t have to ask a ton of questions. And if in case you do have a lot of questions in mind, you can just ask through their customer support hotlines.