Marijuana Seed Bank in USA: Are there Any?

Marijuana Seed Bank in USA: Are there Any?

We all know that the United States is home to different Marijuana shops and farms used by people around the globe. From popular to rare, the most expensive to cheapest, even the new strains of Marijuana- name it, they have it! American shops even produce new strains and let their customers name their own!

Time to time, different shops are born, and the Seed Banks starts to flourish as the demand in substance rise. The United States experience unprecedented Economic Growth of Marijuana with the aid of scientific studies and discoveries. Are there any Marijuana Seed Banks established in the US?

Citing the Confusing Legal Framework

The United States has its existing national laws prohibiting manufacturing, consuming and selling Marijuana products to the public.

However, the different American States, such as Alaska, California, Nevada, and Washington, repelled their national law and legalized Marijuana instead.

With this confusing policies, American advocates recognized State laws more than the existing national laws. They build Marijuana stores in states where both Recreational and Medical Purposes were allowed. We can notice that most of Marijuana Farms are found within the ten states that legalized Marijuana, especially in California and Colorado.

As the owners build farms, the need for establishing Marijuana Seed Banks grow. Seed Banks keep, study and collect all Marijuana strains out in the market and kept for long-term purposes.

State Governments recognize Marijuana Seed Banks to run and are operating legally, under the rule of law. In return, Seed Banks have to follow policies for Marijuana studies and further development of the Marijuana industry at local levels.

Meaning, these Seed Banks will serve as libraries of information, storage, and preservation for all Marijuana Seeds cultivated in American soils. Different studies carried out for Marijuana diversity and all the important genetic details are here, together with their genetic history and other necessary chemical components.

Unfortunately, there are no clear and legitimate sources of information about existing Seed Banks in the United States. Different, conflicting, and confusing State and National Laws prohibit them to run commercially in different states, even in the states where Cannabis are legal. As we can recall, Seed Banks are important, not only to consumers but even to farm owners and workers as well.

Are there any Marijuana Seed Banks in the United States?

Sad to pull this out, but none and these Seed Banks are badly needed in the country. Their absence is directly related to the National Government that fully prohibits Marijuana use- whether it is for medical, industrial or recreational reasons. To date, ten states only support this cause- Alaska, California, Colorado, Maine, Massachusetts, Michigan, Nevada, Oregon, Vermont, and the Washington State, while the remaining forty states restrict the Cannabis practices even for Medical use.

People living in different states may buy plants readily made for consumption but not all states allow planting these herbs in their backyards. With this, people are giving more importance on how to commercially use than scientifically cultivate the herbs.
It seems that people lose their interest in gaining information and crave more in simply consuming them for what purpose it may help them. However, efforts are on its way to educate all Marijuana users, thru advertisement, online forums, and information campaign series.

Any Solutions?

As the old saying goes, “Whenever you feel lost in directions, look up and search for the sun”. This applies to Americans because they have to literally look up. Their big neighbor Canada, is a current Powerhouse of the Marijuana Industry in the world.

Because Canadians pushed for Marijuana Reforms through legalization last October 2018, different Seed Banks thrive in their lands! Their Seed Banks are not just your typical bank because they made it to the World’s Biggest Seed Banks and Shops that ever existed in Modern History.

1. Crop King Seeds (Vancouver- 2005)

Founded in the year 2005, the Crop King Seeds propelled its fame in the midst of bustling streets of Vancouver, this company started its humble roots with just an employee delivering packages discreetly in the neighborhood of this city. As time pass by, Crop King Seeds began its expansion heading its way to the top of Canadian Marijuana Industry.

In 2015, the company has seen unprecedented growth with the International Recognition of their White Cookies Strain, making it to the Top 10 Strains of the year. Currently, this seed bank sells 40 strains of Cannabis which are quickly delivered in different parts of Canada and the rest of the world.

It is known to be one of the most modern and strongest Cannabis Seed Bank in Canada as it ventured to the world of cryptocurrency and now accepts bitcoins as terms of payment, aside from the existing modes such as thru credit cards and cash.

2. Sun West Genetics (Vancouver- 2009)

Sun West Genetics, another Cannabis Seed Company, is another home-grown Canadian Seed Shop that boasts many Cannabis Seeds and caters customers all over the world. Already in the market for 10 years, this Seed Company is actively engaging with the efforts to support Marijuana legalization in other parts of the world.

They are the first company to apply Seed Tracker Technology, an innovation which exactly points the seeds’ location upon delivery and its status from purchasing online to delivery at your doorsteps.

Like the other Seed Banks, it also accepts Credit Cards and Cash. However, the highlight of this company is its engagement with the cryptocurrency of Bitcoins.

3. MJ Seeds Canada (2009)

Founded in 2009, MJ Seeds is one of the most sought-after Cannabis Seed Banks in Canada. These bank sells over 40 different Cannabis Strains, making their customers have a better opportunity to plant different Cannabis Seeds in their households.

MJ Seeds are known for their BC Buds, one of the top-of-the-line Canadian brand of Cannabis which brings useful effects to all of its users, whether for medical or recreational.

Apart from this, they also feature a lot of Marijuana Seeds that you can quickly pick with a single click. This convenience promised by MJ Seeds means everything for the enthusiasts, most especially to those Medical users who are unable to go out and hop into their local stores.

4. Sonoma Seeds (Vancouver- 2009)

Founded in the year 2010, this bank is one of the top competitors in California that pegs to innovate the American Cannabis Market.
Their company has since then experienced unwavering support from the Medical Patients and Recreational Users who are in need of sustainable Marijuana Practice by planting seeds for their future consumption. Sonoma Seeds are best known for their Coma Seeds, an award-winning Cannabis strain in 2011 and 2012, making you high and active in the daytime.

Convenience is what Sonoma Seeds want to achieve for its customers, and because of that, they accept multiple terms of payment such as thru Fund Transfers, Bank Transactions like Credit Cards and Cash, and the bitcoin, signifying the company’s innovative involvement with the modern cryptocurrency.

5. Rocket Seeds

Unlike the first four companies, Rocket Seeds is a retail and shipment company, built only for the Marijuana Industry. They are known to deliver Marijuana Seeds from Crop King, Sun West and Sonoma Seeds in a short time, making them a potential group to be reliable, effective and fast in Marijuana Shipments.

They are accessible through their Social Media Platforms and an e-mail linked in their site.

Insured Tomorrow

Attested through history, Canadian Seed Banks hold a pivotal role in the Marijuana Industry. Without them, Marijuana Seeds may have failed to endure the changing climate from time to time. Without them, consumers may have decimated themselves to use limited and uncomfortable strains even though it may not satisfy them.

Undeniably, these banks propelled the good campaign of Marijuana use for medicine and recreation. Canadian Seed Banks led the movement to legalize Marijuana that primarily aims to help all the people suffering from excruciating and progressing pains, just like people who undergo Chemotherapy.

We should remember that Seed Banks do not exist because of profiteering from Marijuana plants alone. Rather, they exist due to deeper reasons which we tend to neglect most of the time. They fill the gaps we always commit and in return, we learn from their valuable researches and contributions, even if the research happened a long time ago.

When a certain strain ran dry from shops, you can find its seed in the bank. When you have difficulties in searching the strain best for you, they can effectively help, with referrals of medical institutions. When you plan to build your own Marijuana Farm, you can buy seeds from their bank for reasonable prices and receive a dynamic professional help from them for choosing your seeds to plant!

They are not simply buildings of important storages; they are the heart of this growing industry. We cannot keep moving and reach our dreams, comfort and even business without them! They are the very reason behind the enjoyed efficiency and quality of your tiny yet precious seeds.

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