Medical marijuana has faced countless disputes for how many years. Some individuals view this as a harmful substance, while others agree that the plant has potential medical benefits. There are strains of marijuana that are bred specifically for a medical purpose which boils down to the question – can you buy marijuana seeds legally?

This is mainly because the herb is said to have multiple benefits to one’s health and overall well-being. There are even organizations that insist that the medical value of marijuana should be accessible to all patients and users. However, there are still individuals who suggest that before accepting it as a legal substance, intensive studies need to be carried out first.

Even though heated debates against two opposing sides continue to blow up, researchers are still doing their best to conduct studies regarding the overall potential of medical marijuana. As more clinical trials are conducted, massive scientific proof and reliable results are published to prove the medical value of marijuana.

More medical experts are starting to believe in the capacity of the plant as an herbal treatment. They are handpicked by expert breeders and they can treat several health conditions. Marijuana activists like Tommy Chong have been trying to educate people and the government about the benefits of cannabis for decades.

Reasons to Legalize Marijuana

Decrease the risk of danger. Marijuana being illegal imposes great threats to the youth and the people of color. It became the weapon towards corruption and violence, and it fails to limit the freedom of the youth from consuming it. With all of these unfortunate events, the demand for legalization of marijuana is increasing since it will turn all of these setbacks around.

Provide jobs. Legalizing marijuana will generate more job opportunities and it will boost the nation’s economy. No need to do business behind the curtains anymore, since this legalization law will provide more opportunities for everyone.

Save money. Law enforcement resources will increase since the illegal marijuana transaction will no longer be an issue. Instead, the resources will be used to guarantee public safety, while decreasing corrections and court costs. On top of that, the government will have a new source of tax income from the legal marijuana industry.

Guarantee customer safety. Since product research and clinical trials are required for legalized marijuana to be sold in the market, customers can ensure that they are buying safe and effective cannabis products. Aside from that, they will also be informed about its proper dosage.

As the journey for the legalization of marijuana comes to an end and citizens will soon have the freedom to use the plant legally, parents are going to be a vital aspect of ensuring controlled use of the substance.

Commuting sentences for offenders

Below are the commuting sentences and clemency among non-violent marijuana offenders:

– 45 individuals are situated in federal prisons for Life without Parole sentences for non-violent marijuana offenses;

– District of Columbia and 23 states have submitted 23 laws that legalized the utilization of recreational marijuana;

– President Obama has given a total of 89 clemencies to prisoners serving mandatory minimum for non-violent drug offenses; and

– The California Democratic Party requests President Obama to give executive clemency and commute the sentences of every prisoner serving in federal prison for life-time sentences specifically for nonviolent marijuana offenses.

Recreational Marijuana

More than half of the population of adults in the United States has used marijuana, even if it is illegal under federal law. Every year, 600,000 Americans are arrested for illegal marijuana possession – more than one individual is arrested for every one minute. Public support for the legalization of marijuana dramatically increased from 12% in 1969 to 66% today. The legalization for recreational use started in the Washington and Colorado in the year 2012 and ever since then, 10 states followed, including DC.

People who are against the idea of legalization insist that it will heighten marijuana consumption among the youth and will result to various medical emergencies including traffic accidents and deaths from driving while under the influence of the substance.

They also added that the revenue from the legal marijuana industry won’t be enough to cover the expenses for addiction treatment, hospital visits, crime, environmental damage, low productivity, and workplace accidents. Lastly, according to the opposing side, marijuana use can physically and mentally ruin the well-being of a person. With this, they strongly resist the legalization of marijuana.

On the other hand, organizations that advocate the legalization of marijuana say that it will generate billions of revenue for the economy, provide thousands of job opportunities, address scarcity in the law enforcement, and prevent racial issues in the marijuana enforcement. They assert that legalizing marijuana will decrease crimes in the street, lower black market activities, and guarantee safe testing, labeling, and packaging for marijuana products.

Can You Buy Marijuana Seeds Legally?

To be clear, you can’t purchase marijuana seeds legally. That even applies to states that legalized marijuana use for medical and recreational purposes. This is because the Federal prohibition still exists and it is a national anti-cannabis law that applies to all existing marijuana transaction. Despite this, you can still find a safe and reliable seed source in your area. To guide you accordingly, below are the most reputable seed source that you can work with:

1. Dispensary
Among all of the sources we suggest, this one is the safest option for you. However, they have a limited supply of marijuana seeds because they also cater to other products. What’s great about dispensaries is you can personally check the variety of seeds that you want to purchase.

2. Friend
If you know a close friend that cultivates marijuana, you can ask them for marijuana seeds. Always remember that selling without cannabis license is illegal, that’s why all you can do is ask a friend if he can donate some to you. Just make sure that your state doesn’t ban this type of exchange.

3. Cannabis festival
These events are flocked with potential marijuana vendors. It is one of the highlighted events for the cannabis community and you can’t afford to miss this. The festival holds a large number of producers and business owners, wherein you can access quality marijuana seeds and other products.

4. Marijuana farmers market.
Look for local farmers market since that’s where producers often come together to sell their prized marijuana seeds. Just make sure that the event is authorized by the local government.


As of the present, the support for the legalization of marijuana is getting bigger, hence the question can you buy marijuana seeds legally has been properly addressed, especially because there are organizations that advocate about its benefits and medical value.
Aside from that, the Drug Policy Alliance strongly believed that marijuana should be regulated just like tobacco and alcohol. It should be eliminated from the criminal justice system because it can do so much for the economy and the people of the USA. Presently, DPA is organizing campaigns of legalizing marijuana in different places including New York, New Jersey, and New Mexico. Know more about this and support the reform against marijuana criminalization.