Looking for the Best Marijuana Seeds Online: Quick Guide

Looking for the Best Marijuana Seeds Online: Quick Guide

In a rapidly growing cannabis industry, it might be difficult to weed out the best marijuana seeds from the rest of the pack because of how there are now more businesses and opportunities in the marijuana market than there has ever been before. As such, choosing which ones are worth your while and which ones are not can be a very daunting task.

Where Can you Buy Cannabis Seeds?

Ever since Canada and several other North American countries legalized marijuana, cannabis use for recreational and medicinal purposes has only increased. That means that you can easily find licensed dispensaries or stores selling marijuana legally. But, unfortunately, it can still be difficult to find seeds despite the growth of the industry.

In Canada, you may be able to find dispensaries selling seeds but it can still be a bit difficult to do so if you add the fact that you are not the only one out there looking for seeds in the stores. Competition among your fellow growers can be pretty tough when you are looking for cannabis seeds. And if you happen to find them in dispensaries, there is no assurance that you are getting the best marijuana seeds. In that regard, it might be better for you to go online and check out seed banks on the internet.

Seed banks are businesses that store and sell the seeds of different cannabis strains. These businesses are used as storage facilities for strains to make sure they remain pure and fresh in case someone needs the genes of certain strains for several purposes. Seed banks also develop their own strains by crossbreeding one strain with another. In that regard, they are not only cannabis seed sellers.

Due to the rise of digital technology, seed banks have made use of the internet as their main marketplace for selling cannabis seeds. Some seed banks do not even have physical stores but exist only on the internet to sell their seeds online. In other words, seed banks are the best places for you to get cannabis seeds online.

What to Consider when Choosing a Seed Bank?

However, since there are plenty of seed banks available online, it can be pretty difficult for you to choose which among them is the best for your needs and preferences. Hence there are several considerations you should first look at before you purchase seeds from a seed bank:

  1. Check whether the name of the seed bank is recognizable

Ask yourself first if you recognize the name of the seed bank. You can easily remember a popular name of a seed bank especially if it has been featured in magazines, articles, and forums before. As long as you recognize the name of the seed bank in a positive way, then it is most likely a reputable store that does not sell fake seeds.

  1. Know what other customers are saying

Go online and check cannabis seeds forums. Check what other customers are saying about the seed bank. People in the cannabis community love helping each other out. So if a certain seed bank sells high-quality cannabis seeds online, people like you will easily share their experiences in online forums.


  1. Ask your friends and your peers

Word of mouth is one of the best ways to tell whether or not a certain brand is actually good. In that sense, go ask your friends or our peers to check whether a certain seed bank sells high-quality seeds or if their seeds are actually legitimate in the first place. And even if they have not tried that ordering from that online seed bank, they probably know other people that have. Word of mouth actually spreads pretty fast.


  1. Is ordering seeds through the mail safe?

This is a legitimate question that comes into the mind of many people in the cannabis community. After all, there is a danger of running into some legal concerns if you order cannabis seeds online. However, you do not have to worry so much about this issue so long as the cannabis seed bank is known for mailing their products in a discreet manner

The Basics of Cannabis Seeds

After considering all of the questions related to the online cannabis seed banks, you should first know more about the types of seeds you can get from seed banks online.

  1. Regular

Regular cannabis seeds are the ones that haven’t been tampered by breeders and growers. They are the normal seeds that pregnant female cannabis plants produce after getting pollinated by male cannabis plants.

In that sense, regular cannabis seeds will produce either male or female cannabis plants. If you are someone who can find a purpose for male cannabis (those that do not produce flowers or buds), you may want to use regular cannabis seeds instead.

  1. Feminized

Feminized cannabis seeds are the ones that produce only female cannabis plants. In that case, you can be sure that all of your seeds will turn out to be female. This means that your garden or your grow space stays as pure as possible and with no risk of producing male plants.

While male plants have their uses, they may not be the best for growers who want to maximize bud production as they do not produce buds themselves. They also hinder your female plants’ bud production because pregnant female plants focus all of their energy on seed production.

  1. Autoflowering

Autoflowering seeds produce autoflowering cannabis seeds. Autoflowering plants do not rely on the light and dark hours they get for them to move from the vegetative state to the flowering phase. That means that they will flower based on age or maturity instead of on the photoperiod.

That said, autoflowering seeds are best for those who want easier plants to grow because they are much more resilient and hardy compared to regular and feminized seeds. However, they usually have lower THC levels and fewer yields compared to other types of seeds.

How to Choose the right Seed Bank?

  1. Strain and seed type availability

There are about a thousand strains available in the market today. However, not all seed banks carry the seeds of these strains. In that case, choose the seed banks with the widest range of available strains and seed types so that you can have more seeds to choose from.

  1. Accepted modes of payment

Go for the seed banks that accept several modes of payment rather than the conventional debit and credit. The best online seed banks allow you to pay for their seeds in more ways than one or two. After all, you do not always have money in the bank or credit to spare. You should be given the opportunity to pay for them via online payment intermediaries or via cryptocurrency, for example.

  1. Shipment range

What use is a seed bank to you if they do not even ship seeds to your location? In that case, go for online seed banks that have a wide shipping range. However, you still have to consider the legal implications of ordering seeds online if your country or region does not allow the use and cultivation of marijuana.

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