Most cannabis growers would choose growing indoors because of its practicality and safety. In some places, growing indoors can pose various problems and may even prevent the plant from growing successfully. If you are a grower and you noticed you have a vacant spot on your yard, putting it into use can be much helpful rather than leaving it vacant. While growing indoor is preferable, outside environment can provide nourishment which would be otherwise not found in most indoor planting. It also boosts the flavor and better tastes and varying aroma which can greatly enhance your produce. In growing marijuana outdoors, the following methods can help you grow successful weed in no time.

Keep the planting process simple

Overuse of methods and excessive planting conditions can affect your plant. Your precious cannabis only needs sun, water and soil to grow and an adequate amount of that. Too much of one can kill or produce unsatisfying result.  Introduce as much as much sun as possible. The yard should be free from obstacles blocking the sun throughout the whole day. Maximizing the sun is the key. Having a good soil means that the soil is nutrient rich and can facilitate good drainage. It would be best to add perlite to the soil and improve it by occasionally adding fertilizer on each visit.

Time and plan the planting method

The best time to grow pot is on mid-May. This is when the days are longer and the nights are shorter. Planting on early spring can affect flowering time as the days are shorter at this point. Starting out with seeds may means that you better have the seeds sprouted in March or April to time it up with the upcoming warm weather season. This way, your cannabis plant will not flower early or grow too stunted. Remember to keep the marijuana plant hydrated. The plant also needs an adequate space to improve its rooting.

Improve your yield

Topping your plant encourages lateral growth which means an improved flowering period. Be sure to keep a water system on the plant whenever you are away for a vacation or trip. It also helps plant grow faster. The plant needs to have a larger hole for it to take root effectively. It is better to have large holes, but be sure to keep a well spaced area. Also, don’t forget to install cameras to check for nitpickers.


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