According to some cannabis historians, marijuana most likely hailed from certain parts of Central Asia. However, as men became attracted to it and with its effects, growing marijuana has also spread to other countries of the world. These days, it has been extensively distributed to many different locations in the globe. For thousands of years, growing marijuana outdoors have resulted to a wide array of powerful strains. Some are grown because of their medicinal content, while others favour them because of their psychoactive effects.

Marijuana usually reaches full maturity after 60 days in an indoor environment. However, when grown outdoors, they can reach about 3-5 months full maturity. The height of marijuana plants highly depends on the specific strain which they are grown from. Some strains are shorter than the others. Marijuana, just like other plants, has branches that are divided into shaped leaves and edgy ends. These leaves eventually became the international symbol of the marijuana plant, as a whole.

 This amazing and powerful plant can either be male or female and are generally under the typical growing conditions in an environment. The male plant has the capability to produce the flower head that produces the pollen, while it is the female flower’s responsibility to produce heads that houses the buds which activates the psychoactive chemical called THC, resulting to a pleasant high after using.

When growing marijuana outdoors, the experienced growers often remove the male marijuana plants so that pollen cannot be released. When this happens, the potency of the female seeds will be lessened. As a result, female buds can have high THC levels as compared to marijuana that are being produced directly from other portions of the plan.

The chemical THC is typically present in most of the marijuana plants, and in various parts of it. However, it is really concentrated along the sticky resin that is produced by the flower head of the female seed. For the plant to have good TCH quantity, fertile soil, as well as long exposure to daylight is needed.

Marijuana is not only used because of its psychoactive effects. But they also have a stellar application in the agriculture industry. This is because they can produce high yield and output compared to other plants. As a result, more growers are turning their attention to growing marijuana because of the expected output that they can give.


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