7 tips for growing marijuana indoors

Growing marijuana can be a good pastime or it can also be a good way to earn money. However, growing marijuana can also be challenging especially if you do not have a green thumb or if you do not have a sample space for cultivation. The good news, however, is that anyone can now grow weed indoors. Here are a few tips that can help any newbie cannabis grower:

  1. Do your research.

It is very important to get all the pertinent details first before you try growing your own pot. You can easily get a lot of helpful information online through web sites, blogs and discussion forums. It is also essential to find a good strain for your indoor growing. Get help from your seed seller and ask for tips on how to successfully grow your own marijuana at home.

  1. Find the right space.

Once you have found the right marijuana strain that can be cultivated indoors, choose an ample space in your home where the pot can flourish. This is a very helpful tip since your pot may not grow to its full potential or it may not produce a good amount of yield if you do not place the plant in the right space. Make sure that the area is well ventilated and check with your seed dealer if that particular strain needs to be kept away from direct sunlight.

  1. Choose the right containers for your weed.

Most marijuana strains would only need regular pots for cultivation but if you have chosen a special kind of strain, it can help if you get tips from growing experts so they can suggest a better kind of pot for your plants.

  1. Use the best kind of soil.

Growing marijuana indoors can be quite tricky so it would greatly help if you use the right kind of soil. Always use sterilized soil so you won’t have to worry about parasites or pests that may cause harm or damage to your plants.

  1. Use the right fertilizer

Do not use any typical fertilizer since marijuana plants need more nutrients than the regular plants. Use a fertilizer that is high in nitrogen especially when the plants are in the growth period.

  1. Do not overdo things.

Many newbie growers always make the mistake of over watering or putting more fertilizer to the plants. This is a big NO since you may be causing more damage to the plant instead of cultivating it.

  1. Keep it to yourself.

Not everyone is a marijuana advocate so if you want know trouble with the law, do not tell anyone about your budding cannabis plantation.


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