Patients who are going through certain conditions that are treated by marijuana perfectly understand that there are several ways to get medication. For instance, it is possible to get them from a fellow patient, a delivery or collective service that can deliver them to you in your home and you can also grow them by your own in the comfort of your home. Along with all these options, you also have to remember that there are some things that you need to do on your part to make sure that discretion is still maintained. After all, we know that purchasing marijuana seeds, even the ones used for medicinal purposes, are highly regulated.

One of the cheapest known methods in getting medical marijuana easily is by growing them on your own. Setting up your own growing environment is quite simple, depending on the medicinal needs. Still, there are ways for you to lower down the costs, especially when you are still in the starting phase. You can perhaps start with a 4×4 tent, as this has been tested with many other generics, and they are proven to work well. Install at least 600w of growing light. Then add to your list at least 1 or 2 gallon of growing bags.

Soil is also important so you can check around your area in order to get the best, yet affordable soil for growing marijuana. Examples of great soil are ffof with mediums like coco, etc. For added drainage, you can add perlite to your max. Make sure to add some stuff, such as lucas formula in order to add more nutrients, such as flora bloom and flora micro.

Other growers employ the use of carbon scrubber in order to help odor growing; while others may use aircon or other heating systems which can help in growing the plants. While these extra equipments can help in growing, bear in mind that they also need to be accommodated accordingly without having to eat too much space in your growing area. Once you have everything setup, you will now decide whether you will get seed or clones.

If you go with seeds, you can start logging on to your computer, use a search engine, and enter the specific variety of medicinal marijuana seed that you need to purchase. The website selling marijuana seeds may also provide you with instructions on how to grow them healthily.


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