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Black Indica

GeneticsPure Kush X Afghan
Yield400 grams indoor
Height90 cm
Flowering Time7-8 weeks
EffectRelaxed High
THC LevelModerate (12.94 %)
GrowingEasy to Moderate

Black Indica is a special type of strain that is loaded with crystals all over its buds that produces bigger and darker leaves compared to other strains. The buds and leaves have dark color which it got its name from. This plant can grow under any indoor and outdoor circumstances with great durability. This has high concentrations of resins that most of its genus has.

Black Indica Can grow indoors and outdoors

Black indica can dwell both indoors and outdoors condition which makes it very flexible to varieties of users and planters. Indoor growing can provide its highest yield in terms of grams because it can get enough nutrients and energy it can get from the light source. That is why indoor growing is preferable with the both types. However if the space of your house is limited, you can always grow it on the backyard without any worries of dying.

Easy to Grow

This characteristic of the Black Indica enables the beginners to practice planting this type of strain and still produce a large amount of harvest. As long as enough light, nutrients, water, and air is given to the plant then the harvest will be of maximum.

Fast to Harvest

The flowers start to appear in as early as 7 weeks which makes it less than two months to be harvested. You can harvest 1 week earlier provided that enough nutrients and care are subjected to the plant. Experienced growers can have faster results with this plant. The vegetative stage of this type of marijuana can grow its height to about 130 cm. This enormous size enables more parts to be grown with buds.

Relaxing effect

Those people that feel so stresses out in work and school can have the cool moment with the Black Indica.  Whole body sensation can be felt with just few puffs from these. The moderately high THC can make you enjoy smoking it feeling the warmth in the chest before getting high. This type of strain can be of good use in cold regions where smoking is essential to heat the body. This gives both relax sensation and the feeling of heat that can keep you going.  Say goodbye to the sad and gloomy days and say hello to the stress free life.

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