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AK 48

Ak-48 Feminized

Genetics Mostly Sativa
Climate Indoor
Yield 400-500 g/m2
Height 50-75 cm
Flowering Time 44-45 days
Effect Strong and long lasting
THC Level 15-20%
Growing Easy

Ak-48 Strain feminized is one of the most popular cannabis plants that mostly contain Sativa hybrids. It is also known as one of the most potent feminized plants to its users. It originated from the strains of Ice with Afghan origin, Skunk and Shiva, and Jack Herer. Its smokers and patients have been using the plant since 1990. Until now, the plant has continuous growth and reproduction since its plant has been feminized because these kinds of cannabis plants only produce female strains.

AK-48 Strain Growth, appearance, aroma, and taste

The feminized plant is easy to grow especially in any indoor type of farming method. It only requires the proper amount of water, nutrients, temperature, light, and humidity. With these proper amounts, the feminized plant will grow from 44 to 55 days with a small height of 50 to 75 cm. Sometimes, it has the earliest harvest time among other cannabis plants. In addition, it gives an excellent yield of 400 to 500 grams per meter squared.

Furthermore, AK-48 Feminized features neon green with orange hairs that are covered with crystals. Its strong buds produce excellent aroma while others say, it doesn’t smell at all. In addition, some says it smells and tastes like grapes. The buds’ outstanding aroma and taste stays in the user’s nose and mouth, individually. This takes the strong and long lasting effect of the buds that produce high potent level of 15 to 20 % THC.

AK-48 Medical effects

The buds of AK-48 feminize produce a buzz and cerebral effect in the user’s body. Besides, it is suitable to any users that feel anxious, stressed and depressed all the time. It is also good for users who are dealing with pain such as inflammation of tissues, loss of appetite, sclerosis, and arthritis. Aside from being a great pain and stress reliever, it can also be good in keeping the person calm all the time especially when he has tons of works to do during his time of work.


Order AK-48 Feminized online and receive affordable deals from various websites. The feminized plant is a two in one product because aside from being an excellent pain reliever, it is also an outstanding stress reliever. It can be taken anywhere but only with the right amount of dosage. Avoid being a victim of frauds and start looking on websites that gives detailed information of the product and different reviews from most of its users. Purchase online now and experience the strong and long lasting effect of AK-48 Feminized plant.

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