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Acapulco Gold Auto

Acapulco Gold

Genetics Central American
Climate Indoor/Outdoor
Yield 500 g/m2
Height 70-80 cm
Flowering Time 70-75 days
Effect Uplifting
THC Level High
Growing Easy – Moderate

Several promising cannabis strains have been flourishing today in the market of medicinal cannabis. One of the most popular strains that were ever developed by expert cannabis growers are the line of hybrids called as autoflowering strains. They are called as autoflowering because their flowering time is relatively shorter compared to the traditional strains of marijuana plants. The Acapulco Gold is of Central American origin and easy to grow type of autoflowering cannabis strain, which makes it ideal for beginner cannabis growers. They can give a maximum yield of 500 grams per square meter and it is known to have medical applications for people having stress and anxiety.

Acapulco Gold Strain History

The Acapulco Gold is purely Sativa originating from the hills of Acapulco, Mexico where it got its name. The gold refers to the gold linings observed on its earthy green and brown buds. Acapulco Gold is one of the most popular and old strains ever used in the history of medicinal marijuana and it was actually mentioned in a film dated back in the year 1978.

Growing the Acapulco Gold cannabis strain is easy and you can have it planted either indoors or outdoors. The expected flowering time can reach up to 75 days but there were customer reviews and testimonials that they experienced a flowering time as early as 61 days. For beginners, it is recommended that they plant the feminized seeds around mid of August because the ideal harvest period is mid of October. This strain follows the photoperiod so in order to maximize your cannabis yield, it is best that you plant this strain outdoors.

The average height of Acapulco Gold ranges from 70 to 80 centimeters. They are relatively shorter among other autoflowering cannabis strains so you will not have any problem about hiding your potted Acapulco Gold plants. Crystals are obvious once the blossoming period begins and you will observe a combination of saffron and butter scotch fragrance. To be sure that you are growing them healthily, you should be able to observe for dense buds having the golden linings of dust and crystals.

For over thirty years, this cannabis strain has been truly promising and admired by most people because of its significant medicinal effects. If you want to experience the earthy flavors with hints of lemon and ginger, you can buy Acapulco Gold feminized seeds through online merchants. There are several websites selling marijuana seeds all over the internet and you can place your orders right away.

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