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Best Feminized Marijuana Seeds

Marijuana cultivation is now becoming one of the most sought after activities in countries where it is legal. Whether it is for personal consumption or for business purposes, planting your own marijuana seeds has never been more widely accepted. This has led to many ideas and innovations being established in order to make the growing experience much more easy and enjoyable for all growers. People have come up with different types of seeds and unique cultivation techniques that can be used for all types of climates and conditions. One of the ideas that people have come up with over the years is the use of feminized seeds. Now, if you are new to the cannabis scene, then this may seem odd to you. Do cannabis plants really have feminine counterparts? Are they distinguished by their sex?

Experienced marijuana growers love the thought of using feminized marijuana seeds. Not only do they make the cultivation process a lot easier, they also give growers an opportunity to focus more on making the marijuana buds reach their optimum potency. In this article, we discuss a little more about what feminized marijuana seeds are, how they work, and why they are so important. Additionally, we will give you guys a list of the best and most premium feminized marijuana seeds that growers can get their hands on.


THC and CBD:

Smoking or consuming marijuana is known to cause many “high and psychoactive feelings. These feelings are mainly attributed to compounds found in the cannabis plant called cannabinoids. Each cannabis plant contains hundreds of cannabinoids that all have different and varying functions. However, two of the main and most important cannabinoids found in the cannabis plant are the tetrahydrocannabinol (also known as THC) and the cannabidiol (also known as CBD). 

Tetrahydrocannabinol, or THC, is a compound responsible for causing psychoactive and euphoric effects in the body. It works by making its way into our brain where cannabinoid receptors are found. From there, they activate these receptors and impact many bodily functions such as coordination, memory, reaction time, and decision making. One the other hand, cannabidiol or better known as CBD does little to induce any psychoactive and euphoric effects. However, they still contain many properties which affect the body and mind. 

Male and Female Marijuana Plants:

High levels of these cannabinoids that are so sought after may be found only in FEMALE MARIJUANA PLANTS. That is right, female plants are what most growers and marijuana smokers look for. Female plants are the only cannabis plants that may be consumed to induce these feelings. The same cannot be said for male plants, however. In fact, male plants are only good for producing more marijuana seeds since they pollinate while being cultivated. It may be true that some people will find some good uses to them but that is not usually the case. 

While female marijuana plants contain high levels of THC and CBD, little to no levels of these compounds can be found in male plants. One other downside of male plants growing in your cannabis garden is that once they start pollinating, they may contaminate and transfer their pollen into female plants. This will cause female plants to start pollinating as well and they may even lose their ability to produce THC-containing buds. Evidently, this may spoil many cannabis growing experiences.


It is common practice for marijuana growers to separate male and female plants in the earliest stage possible in order to avoid events like these. However, people have come up with feminized seeds that guarantee that all the cannabis seeds planted grow into full female plants. This removes the struggle of having to separate male and female plants. 

Also, it makes sure that your money does not go to waste. No grower enjoys having to discard a portion of their cannabis crop. Also, feminized seeds are generally germinated when sold. This saves up a lot of time and effort in the part of growers. It is also highly efficient for making the most use of the garden space since you will not have to worry about male cannabis plants sprouting from your crop.


  • WHITE WIDOW FEMINIZED MARIJUANA SEEDS – Only a few marijuana strains can actually match up to this classic. White Widow has been around for many years now, making it a fan favorite among marijuana smokers. This strain has won multiple awards for its highly potent buds and amazingly classic scent and flavors. This is a strain that embodies the traits of what weed should be. 

With a THC level of 25% and an almost equal ratio of sativa and indica, this strain gives you the ideal blend of relaxing highs and uplifting moods. First, you are hit with bursts of happiness and euphoria, often boosting a person’s productivity that is perfect to start off the day. Once you really get into the high, you are then introduced to a very subtle and relaxing feeling that calms the mind. 

  • PURPLE KUSH FEMINIZED MARIJUANA SEEDSOne of the most distinct features of this strain is the immediately recognizable color and appearance that its buds give off. It produces medium sized buds that glow a bright purple color. Additionally, there are noticeably white trichomes surrounding the buds, completing the tone of a green/purple/white mash up. 

Aside from the appearance, this pure sativa strain also has outstanding flavors and smells. It gives off a very addicting scent of earthiness and herb. The taste can often be described as musky with an oaky finish. As for the effects, it produces everything that you would expect from and indica strain. It induces a very heavy stoned feeling that relaxes anyone with just a few puffs. It also gives users a strong buzz to the body which starts in the head and travels all the way down to the toes. 

  • GREEN CRACK FEMINIZED MARIJUANA SEEDSBecause of its intimidating name, people have resorted to calling it “Green Cush” instead. Nonetheless, it is still one of the best and most premium strains out there that come in feminized versions. Green Crack is most famous for the sharp stings that it gives when being smoked. It induces very energetic feelings and uplifting moods that are great for treating conditions such as fatigue, drowsiness, depression, and anxiety. 

With a THC level of 17%, it gives a great balance between effects and flavors. One can expect delicious and savory tastes from this strain. It imparts heavy notes of herb and spice. If cultivated and cured properly, they may even impart sweet citrus notes that tickle the tongue.

  • CROWN ROYALE FEMINIZED MARIJUANA SEEDSCrown Royale is an indica-dominant hybrid that comes from crossing the Blueberry strain with the Purple Kush. It has been known to have a THC level of around 21% percent. The effects of this strain mainly focus on the head, giving users a cerebral high that could last for hours. Because it is a hybrid, there are tendencies for users to also feel a slight body buzz that energizes the body and raises a person’s mood levels. 

It produces a fine mix of piney and lemon flavors and smells. Often used as a medical strain, Green Crack does wonders for patients suffering from arthritis, migraines, body aches, and joint inflammations. 

  • BLACK INDICA FEMINIZED MARIJUANA SEEDSThis is known to Be Crop King Seeds’ purest indica strain. With a moderate THC level that measures around 14% to 18%, Black Indica is definitely a strain to try at least once in your life. It is known to produce short and stout buds due to its indica traits. Because of its high CBD percentage, Black Indica has been used numerous times for medical reasons. It is good for combating sleepless nights and other sleeping disorders. Additionally, it does great for inducing calming effects that relax the mind and body.

Because of its ability to induce a state of couch-lock, beginners are advised to be careful when smoking this strain. Aside from its effects, the earthy and pungent smell are enough to make cannabis users come back for more of this magnificent strain.