Early Vixen – Marijuana Seeds Store

Genetics Haze X Northern Lights X Skunk
Climate Indoor/Outdoor
Yield 300-500 grams
Height 45-60 cm
Flowering Time 7-8 weeks
Effect Indica Body Buzz
THC Level Moderate – High (17.15 %)
Growing Easy


Early Vixen is a fast flowering and harvesting strain of marijauna that is a mixture of indica and sativa genes in order to balance its effect to the body. This plant has great medicinal properties from the tips of the leaves to the roots. It flowers in as early as 8 weeks and that is why its name has an early in it.

Easy to Grow

Not all of the marijauna plant can be grown easily. Some of them need expert hands in order to grow, survive, and flower into a full grown plant. This strain of weed plant, however, does not need the experience in order to grown and harvest into maximum yield. This plant has high durability and survivability rates that even beginners can acquire its optimum yield in the least possible care. It can even grow outdoors or indoors and still give high harvest.

Early Flower Time and High Harvest

Early Vixen has the property of both early flowering and high harvesting pot plant that is very rare for most of the marijauna plant. Most fast flowering plants do not give high harvest because of the time constraints the plant undergoes. However, this hybrid is genetically design to defy that. This can be harvested in as early as 8 weeks with yield of up to 500 grams of buds. This is the combo most growers are looking for.

Indica Body Buzz

Smoking the buds of this plant gives the whole body sensation of an indica high the buzzes. The high sensation can help calm the stress with you and achieve peace of mind whenever needed. The indica characteristics keep the depression away from the user. It also has about 40% sativa in it that makes the body active without the sleepiness feeling. This combination is good for the people that want to feel the relaxation without going into slumber.

Good for Medical Use

This has a moderate THC level that can be of use for the medical patients that have severe pain but need not to sleep. Patients that have illness with tremendous amount of pain such as migraine, cancer, arthritis, and more can feel the instant relieving feeling after few minutes of smoking this. This also purges away the stress in the body removing all of its negative effects.

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