How to find the best seed bank to buy from? Not all cannabis growers are blessed with naturally growing plants where they can get their seeds from.

Most growers rely on seedbanks to get marijuana seeds. Seedbanks are present in countries where cannabis is legal to grow and to consume. Some seedbanks have also started selling their products online making seeds more accessible to all growers everywhere.

Small seedbanks sell cannabis seeds in local areas while some prominent ones also sell seeds online. If cannabis growing is regulated from where you are located, it’s best to look for reputable seedbanks to purchase seeds.

How to Find the Best Seedbanks

When buying seeds from a local seed bank, conduct business from a registered company. The place of business should not be located in a shady area of town and it must be a duly recognized business.

Inside the Business Area

Upon entry, you must be able to find a menu of their cannabis seeds offering. Take local cannabis shops in Canada where everything is systematic and easy to purchase seeds from.

You must be able to clearly find what you need. There must be information about the different cannabis seeds strains found in the area.

There must be a salesperson who you can talk to regarding anything about cannabis seeds. The person should be knowledgeable about growing information and all other things related to cultivating that particular strain.

The seed bank should have a complete selection of seeds including regulars, feminized, autoflowering seeds and landrace seeds. There should be seeds from reputable breeders as well and seeds must be in their original breeders’ packaging.

Payment and Delivery Options

A good local seed bank has a variety of payment options. Aside from cash, these sites should also accept other modes of payment like credit cards, bank transfers, and cash-on-delivery.

Some local seedbanks accept deliveries and takeaways which is a plus for a consumer who’s always on the go. You can order your seeds by phone or through an online site and have these delivered to your doorstep.

Online Delivery Options

It’s a bonus if a local seed bank has its own website where you can purchase seeds online. People who need to order seeds and can’t physically visit the seed bank can have these delivered to their location as well. There will surely be delivery fees but definitely, it’s worth having to visit the seed bank personally.

Not all countries and regions in the world are blessed with local seedbanks, let alone rules that allow cannabis growing. This is why there are people who rely on online seedbanks to deliver their seeds to where they are.  

How to Find the Best Online Seedbanks

Before anything else, confirm that you are living in a country or state where cannabis growing and purchase are legal. Although some countries allow the purchase of cannabis seeds, there are rules against germination or growing cannabis.

Please Check Local Laws Regarding Purchasing of Cannabis Seeds

If growing is permitted from where you are located, take note the number of plants that you can grow and find out if you need any papers or documents to grow recreational or medicinal plants. If all things check out then it’s time to look for that best online seed bank.

You will only be able to purchase seeds from online seedbanks that deliver to your location. Basically, this narrows down your options. Be very specific about this because if the site does not allow delivery to your area and you paid for your purchase, you might not get your orders.

Read Reviews, Check Seed Bank Reputation

Next, check the reputation of the site. It should have good standing among consumers and growers. There should be growers that can attest to the reputation of the site; you can ask your friends or family members who may have ordered their seeds from this company. You can also use online forums and social media to ask around.

Check reviews online. Most likely if the online seed bank has a tarnished reputation, this will show up just by doing a simple search. You must check at least three or more online seedbanks.

Must have all the Best Cannabis Seeds Variety

The seed bank that you want to purchase seeds from should also have all the types of seeds namely regular, autoflowering and feminized seeds. There should also be the strain you wish to purchase.

A reputable online seed bank does not just provide details about how to purchase their products but also help consumers by listing down information about the different strains. This may include the strain’s type, flowering time, yields, effects, THC and CBD content, plant height, growing temperatures and so on. All these pieces of information give you a clue as to how to cultivate the plant, the type of environment you need to prepare and other plant needs.

A good online seed bank should be affiliated with reputable breeders as well. Having good affiliations means that the business sells good quality seeds and you have a variety of seeds to choose from. Usually, this information is found on the site’s initial page.

Reliable Delivery Options and Stealth Shipments

When it comes to delivery options, the online seed bank must offer regular deliveries and special deliveries as well. Stealth delivery options are a must.

Stealth deliveries are packages sent without any information, brand or logo on the packaging indicating that this contains cannabis seeds. The package has no information about your identity too. Stealth shipment protects your identity and will help you receive your packages faster. And despite paying extra for stealth deliveries, consumers agree that it’s worth it.

Good Payment Options

A good seed bank should have the payment option that you prefer. It must have popular accepted payment methods like credit card, bank transfers, wire transfers, check payments and debit card payments. It’s a bonus if an online seed bank accepts COD or cash-on-delivery. This is mostly available when the seed bank is located locally.

Although using cryptocurrency is fast becoming more and more accepted online, you should avoid using this for now. There are online seedbanks that accept Bitcoin payments but be wary about transacting business with these sites especially if this is their only mode of payment accepted. Stick with reliable payment methods as much as possible.

If you are used to making online payments via PayPal then you must look for seedbanks that do this as well but fair warning, only a few sites do. It’s much better to transact with seed bank sites that accept credit card and bank transfer payments because you have a way to track your payments fast.

Customer Service Options

Because you will be transacting online, it would be best to choose a site with a number of customer service options. Look for a hotline number, chat options, customer online forms, and a physical address if possible. More options to contact customer service, more ways to air any concerns especially for missed deliveries and any changes in your delivery information.

Contacting customer service could be a pain especially for consumers who just don’t have the time. Find out online if the seed bank contacts their customers to settle complaints or to answer questions. A site that won’t listen to customers’ complaints and has poor customer service is not a good site to do business with.

Give Three or More Online Seed Bank Sites a Try

Now that you have at least three or more seedbanks to buy from, it’s time to do a test run. Order a small batch of seeds from each one. This will give you first-hand experience on how efficient the site is, how long it takes for deliveries to get to you and to check their products out.

After this simple test is done, you will be able to tell which online company is best for you.

Going Through Customs and other Worries About Online Deliveries

Possibly one of the most gut-wrenching times for any online seed bank customer is waiting for his package to arrive. When your delivery passes through customs, these can get intercepted by chance and you may not be able to get your shipment if this happens.

There are also some instances when seeds pass through customs but are lost in transit due to wrong delivery information.

Even if you order from the best seed bank to buy from, your orders won’t be able to make it if you don’t do the following:  

To avoid these troubles, be sure that online cannabis seeds are allowed from where you are located. Check and double-check information online or from local sources about cannabis seeds deliveries and about cannabis growing.

As with all deliveries, always check and recheck your delivery address. Make sure that the seed bank also allows delivery to your area. If possible, have your seeds delivered stealthily or by using special delivery options to secure your seeds.

Ask for a tracking number. Packages with a tracking number are easier to find and you will be able to tell where it is at any time. You won’t risk losing your packages if you have these tracked rather than using regular untrackable mail or shipment.