Buying Seeds in a Recreational Cannabis State – 5 Important Things You Need to Know

Buying Seeds in a Recreational Cannabis State – 5 Important Things You Need to Know

The status of owning Marijuana Seeds depends on each state laws of country and nation. We all know that having only its seeds can lead you to the usage of this controversial plant and ultimately, personal consumption of its offspring. With different laws of different lands, possession of Marijuana seeds can trick you and may eventually lead you to imprisonment, even death.

What Makes Marijuana Seeds Unique?

Cannabis plants are dioecious- its female seeds will pollinate by male seeds to reproduce. However, scientific studies suggest that female plants can reproduce without the male counterpart and harvest plants for medical and recreational use. On the other hand, there are variants of Marijuana plants that produce male and female seeds in one plant, making their reproduction be faster than any other cannabis plants.

When reproducing, a male seed must pollinate a female flower plant. If the seeds mature, the female plant will die and these new seeds will fall off to the ground and grow into new plants. Plants with both male and female flowers create male seeds and pollinate the surrounding female flowers to grow new batches of seeds. This is hermaphroditic reproduction.

What Makes These Useful?

Proven by Science and studies, Marijuana is an effective pain-killer most especially to neuropathic pain- serious movement disorders, glaucoma, nausea, painful bladder syndrome, and even traumatic brain injury. Aside from that, Medical Cannabis has been proven to help sedate Parkinson’s Disease, different forms of Cancer and an appetite stimulant for people with HIV/AIDS.

Surprisingly, in a report released in the United States, there are no statistical records for people who died with Cannabis use- even those who overdosed with Marijuana. The campaign for Medical Marijuana is active for the longest time, yet the world is just starting to use it in modern times.

What Makes it Controversial?

Though useful, Marijuana seeds are “roots of evil” in different countries that ban their people in using Cannabis plants. People who consume weeds regularly have been addictive and faced in different mental and health problems- such as respiratory ailments, poor concentration, increased heart rate, and developed anxiety or depression. After all, the chemical embedded in each Marijuana Plant- the THC or Delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol, is the main reason countries differ in their faith with Marijuana Consumption.

Ironically, in the Netherlands, parents of Dutch Youth call out their government as they grow concerns with their children going to school high and absorbs relatively poor quality in studies. With this, Amsterdam’s mayor prohibits its use in all of its Educational Institutions.

5 Things You Have to Know

  1. The Recreational Practices of Marijuana is allowed in specific areas

Generally speaking, the places where Recreational Intake of Marijuana is allowed in the United States, Canada, and Uruguay.

However, the provisions on the use vary per country, as they follow different sets of laws, as well as their Constitutions.

In the United States, for example, most of its states allow the Medical use of Marijuana, but those who are seeking for Recreational Use must go to the Eleven States where Recreational Cannabis is allowed to use- both for public and private uses. These states are:

  • Alaska
  • California
  • Colorado
  • Illinois
  • Maine
  • Massachusetts
  • Michigan
  • Nevada
  • Oregon
  • Vermont
  • Washington State

In Georgia, Uruguay, and South Africa, Recreational Cannabis are considered as legal, as well as selling it publicly. However, it is illegal in Uruguay, to sell the weeds to the foreigners.

In Spain, they consider Marijuana as generally illegal but the law enforcement groups do not imprison the users, as long as they will use their weeds in private and avoid selling it to other people. The same applies to Argentina, Antigua and Barbuda, Brazil, Bolivia, Chile, Colombia, Ecuador, Egypt, Finland, and Germany.

2. The Recreational users are constantly discriminated and hated by Religious Groups

Marijuana is considered illegal by Muslim states from the Middle East to Islamic Africa because of their Sharia Law rooted in Islam. That law punishes the harshest, the toughest and even the worst in this world. However, they have a long history of Marijuana throughout the centuries and undeniably, Ancient Muslims were fans of Cannabis use.

For the Christian world, the Church believes that excessive usage of Marijuana can lead you away to your faith and live a sinful life- away from God. The Church has been known as a staunch critic of cannabis use due to moral issues especially today.

Pope Francis has been known to combat marijuana usage since his time as a bishop in the slums of Buenos Aires due to his moral belief on Cannabis use. Meanwhile, Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte has vowed to eradicate drugs in his country for 3 months during his campaign for power and continues in being harsher in finishing the cartels infesting his country.

3. Their Paradise relies on the law

The Netherlands is the paradise of Marijuana users because of their pro-Cannabis government. Other countries such as Canada, Poland, Austria, Belgium, Argentina, and Uruguay allow you to bring Marijuana Seeds but with control. Enforcement in the United States has been tricky because the law on Marijuana Consumption differs within its states and the majority of it voted for illegal but with reservations. In the United Kingdom, you can own Marijuana seeds but you are not allowed to grow your own plant.

Most of the countries who legalize Marijuana seeds have vague laws and poor regulations on how to control the usage. It’s as if you can own but can never ‘use’. As you may notice, European countries are predominantly supporters of Recreational and Medical Cannabis.

4. They have no prescriptions needed to follow!

Unlike Medical users, Recreational users do not necessarily follow the medical standard for the average Marijuana intake that they can do every day. The law grants them more liberal setting, and because of this, the recreational users are not required to see and consult with doctors first before taking any types of Cannabis!

The good thing in this setting can be seen in the places themselves. In the states where recreational usage is allowed, the need for a steady and high Marijuana production will remain for years, putting innovation, diversity, and preferences to be included in this herbal practice.

Aside from that, the Recreational states do not prohibit them in buying the most potent Marijuana available in their local market, provided that the strain is still tolerable by the law and considered as definitely legal. A great surge for the demand follows immediately as soon as the states in the USA have legalized the sales for Recreational Seeds and Strains.

5. Recreational Seeds cost more expensive than the Medical ones

Unfortunately, not everything is sunshine and rainbows to our recreational users, because basically, the seeds and items being sold to them cost more expensive than the medical ones. The price goes higher than the average because of two reasons- their potencies and demands.

It is an open secret that the seeds intended for Recreational Use have higher Potency level than the Medical Strains, and this is because the regulation to the volume is more lenient than the other strains.

And because there are no limitations for everything, the accessibility goes higher, the sales increase better, and the demand goes greater. As everything goes higher, so are its prices.

The Fate of Marijuana Seeds and its Users

The future is uncertain for these controversial seeds. Modern countries have debated on their own for the longest time when proposals for legalization arises from time to time. Norms, Politics, Religion and even Commerce are the pressing concerns it contradicts to this day.

For Conservative Minds, the moment you own Cannabis Seeds gives them the stigma of you living miserably and alone in your community. Even though a person may intend no harm in owning it, speculations may deprive the owner in freedom to live and be accused of maliciously which can lead to imprisonment or death.

For Liberals, satisfaction is a right of its citizens, allowing them to use the seeds and plant for their private use. Decriminalizing its use means lesser societal issues and more peaceful communities. They even benefit with it as law enforcers can track the volume of Cannabis seeds and plants efficiently than those countries who have chased their secret trading.

For the curious, Marijuana seeds bring new experiences that may change their lives forever. The youths, for instance, are known to be the largest client of the weeds globally because of their eagerness to try and learn.

For the elders, Cannabis brings nothing but harm. They exist for years without using it. They managed to survive without rolling for pain relievers and faced life’s challenges in ‘neat and clean’ way.

Marijuana seeds, vulnerable and helpless, face terrible challenges and to this day, two sides fight for their rights and ideals. Long processes of deliberation will happen and contentious conflicts will surely rise. For now, educating people on its medicinal benefits will help them understand the beauty of Cannabis.

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