It is now easier to buy cannabis seeds from Canada these days thanks to marijuana legalization in the great north. But Canada is not the only place where you can get good marijuana seeds. There are plenty of places you can now get high-quality cannabis seeds thanks to marijuana legalization in many countries and states. In the US, California, and Colorado now allow recreational use of marijuana. Thus, you can also get good marijuana seeds from the US.

If you happen to live in America or somewhere close by, you may be wondering where the best place to get marijuana seeds is and how you can gain access to some of the highest quality strains available. Should you go for marijuana seeds in Canada or should you opt for the ones you can find in the USA? Here are the differences you might need to know about the seeds you can get from either Canada or the USA.

1.Where to get them legally?

In Canada, the only place where you can get legal marijuana buds or seeds is from licensed retailers that we’re able to pass all of the necessary requirements set forth by the government for them to be able to qualify to sell marijuana buds, seeds, and other cannabis products legally.

Also, the way marijuana is being sold legally in Canada largely depends on how the individual provinces decide on it. There are certain provinces in Canada that do not allow private individuals to sell marijuana seeds and buds legally. There are also provinces where you cannot get marijuana seeds legally because they do not allow home cultivation of cannabis plants.

In the USA, marijuana seed sellers can get their license to operate as cannabis dispensaries, where anyone over the age of 21 can legally purchase weed products. In comparison to Canada, where even liquor stores can sell marijuana so long as they are licensed, cannabis seeds and buds in the USA can only be legally sold in dispensaries.

2. Prices

Due to how the government wants to avoid the rise of black market cannabis, they control all production of marijuana as well as the prices set per gram of weed. The federal price of cannabis in Canada is somewhere near $10 per gram but there are recommendations to lower that price to eliminate competition from the black market.

In the United States especially in California, marijuana is a lot more expensive if purchased legally because of how high the taxes are for cannabis. The tax for marijuana in California can reach up to 50%. Also, in the US, all marijuana seeds and buds are produced by private growers and sellers, who sell them to dispensaries. Because of the profit-oriented interests that those private growers have, prices are most likely higher than that of the ones sold in Canada.

3. Seed Banks

While marijuana seed banks in both Canada and the USA are technically illegal if they do not have the necessary licenses to operate and sell cannabis, they are nonetheless the top destination for Canadians and Americans alike when it comes to securing their own seeds to cultivate at home. The reason is that seed banks both in Canada and in the USA have wider varieties of marijuana seeds and have prices that are not subject to the constraint of taxation and government control. As such, it is cheaper to get high-quality marijuana seeds from seed banks.

And while Canada does indeed have ways for you to get your marijuana from the mail if you purchase your cannabis seeds and buds online directly from the government, seed banks still have the advantage in both Canada and in the United States because of how you have many more options when purchasing online from seed banks.

4. Quality differences

When you buy your cannabis seeds legally in the United States, you can expect that the quality you will be getting will more or less be the same as the ones you get from the seed banks. The reason is that legal cannabis seeds bought from dispensaries in the US source their seeds from private producers, who most likely are some of the best when it comes to seed quality.

While the seeds you get legally from retail stores in Canada are anything but poor in terms of overall quality, there might be reasons to believe that the ones in the US are higher in quality precisely because seeds you source legally from stores in Canada are produced and controlled by the government as opposed to the United States where private entities supply the seeds and buds.

However, if you buy your cannabis seeds from seed banks, there might not be a lot of differences in terms of overall quality because seed banks in either Canada or the United States source their seeds from different breeders. More than likely, the only major difference you might notice in terms of quality is due to climate. Due to Canada’s northern climates, it might have indica seeds that are better in quality compared to the ones in the US. Likewise, in the US especially in California, sativa seeds might be better in quality compared to the ones you can get in Canadian seed banks.

5. Strains

Probably the biggest difference between Canadian and US seed banks are the strains. Because of the different climate conditions in those respective countries, there might be strains that are available in one and not in the other and vice versa. For example, there might be more indica strains available in Canadian seed banks as compared to American seed banks, who most likely have more sativa strains.

However, if you are getting your seeds from the best and most reputable seed banks regardless of whether they are Canadian or US-based, there is no reason for you to worry about the strains you are getting or even the quality of the seeds because those seed banks more than likely source their seeds only from the best breeders all over the world.