Buying Cannabis  Online vs Local Stores: Advantages and Disadvantages

Buying Cannabis Online vs Local Stores: Advantages and Disadvantages

Cannabis enthusiasts are becoming more interested in growing their own plants. Some people do so for the convenience of having their own supply, while others have seen the huge opportunity to turn it into a business. Recreational and medical marijuana is increasingly being accepted, and this has fueled the demand for high-quality seeds. People looking to buy the best cannabis seeds online should always look at the quality, reputation of the seller, and where they source their stock from instead of focusing on which one offers the cheapest price.

Considerations when Buying Seeds Online

The dynamics of purchasing something from a brick and mortar store is different when buying things online. You don’t get to physically touch, see, smell or taste the product and you also won’t be able to engage in a personal conversation with a seller or even an attendant. Online transactions may have you exchanging messages to and fro, talking about quantity, variety, and mode of payment.

Finding a trusted seller in your area can be challenging. Before placing an order, do your research and be thorough about it. This is not a pair of shoes you can exchange in case what you get is the wrong size or color. Cannabis seeds are not sold like regular commodities, so a great amount of care must be invested in finding good quality seeds. If you know fellow growers, you can ask for referrals on which seed banks they get their seeds from.

Secondly, check their inventory. There are dozens of strains to choose from and you may want to try a couple of varieties if you’re just starting out. If they know their chops, the online store can give suggestions on what will be best for your conditions and preferences.

Advantages of Buying Cannabis Online

Discreetness and privacy are two of the top reasons people choose to buy the best cannabis seeds online. Most of these shops pride themselves in keeping the names and information about their buyers in strict confidence. Taking cannabis for medicinal purposes or recreation may already be accepted, but there’s still some stigma attached to it. People who’d rather not deal with this kind of negativity prefer to keep what they do in private exactly that.

The packages are delivered very well wrapped (some even concealed) so it doesn’t arouse curiosity and the addresses are also clearly indicated. This prevents the package from getting delivered somewhere else by mistake and minimizes the risk of it being opened by the wrong recipient.

The delivery times are also fast, with some shipping within 24 hours in Canada and the US. Reputable shops like Sunwestgenetics or rocketseeds offer various payment options to make the process of ordering online more convenient for buyers.

Finally, online stores are generous in giving customer support and answering inquiries. This is particularly helpful to beginners who may encounter some problems when trying their seed growing kit for the first time. The assurance of having an experienced person being able to walk you through the steps helps a lot.

Disadvantages of Buying Cannabis Online

One possible downside to ordering your seeds online is the price structure. The price of marijuana seeds varies depending on the strain and the number of seeds available. Since the industry is not standardized, it means sellers can command whatever price they want for a particular strain or for what they believe is a good batch of seeds. One seller may also sell it for this amount, and others could sell the same seed way above that price. The cost difference can run anywhere between several hundred to a few thousand. It’s no small change.

Another disadvantage is the availability of stocks. There may be certain times of the year when feminized seeds are low in stock because they are more difficult to produce. The good news is, you can always try looking at other sites for the seeds and the strains you need.

Delivery times vary. Some shops are able to ship the items fast while others can take as many as 7 to 10 business days. This is one clear disadvantage, especially if you have a dispensary nearby where you can just walk up and buy.

Best Place to Buy Cannabis Seeds Online

Ask around and do your research when looking for cannabis seeds online. Don’t be in a hurry and place a larger order on the first site you find. If possible, do several small test transactions and see which one delivers the best and fastest.

Get insights from people you trust – ask them where they buy their seeds from and then ask to be introduced to the owner or the person they normally transact with. Doing this will establish a more personal relationship between you and the seller. Additionally, being introduced as a friend of a valued customer also extends you the same VIP treatment he receives. It could mean getting a bit of discount or getting your items shipped to you much faster. Either way, this swings in your favor.

Reading online reviews and comments also helps. More people buy the best cannabis seeds online from stores like mjseedscanada or sonomaseeds because of their solid reputation and trust ratings. These seed banks have been verified and have received the thumbs up from local buyers. If people like Francheskush trusts them so can you.

Ordering cannabis seeds online is a matter of trust. You also need to allow some leeway for mistakes or delays. There’s a downside yes, but the benefits far outweigh the disadvantages.

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