Know the laws and people’s opinion about marijuana in Japan

Based on the smoking tolerance level of Japan, it only scores two out of ten, which means that the use of marijuana in any part of Japan is prohibited by law. Even if you are not using it but you are caught having some joints in your pocket, the Japanese police will not hesitate to take you in jail. For just possessing these cannabis packs with you, you can be sentenced a minimum of five years to a maximum of ten years. You will also pay 3 million yen if proven that you are going to import or sell that stuff.

Knowing these strict law and government in Japan, you should be extra careful when you are planning to sell some. Although there are people in Japan growing some cannabis in pot, it is most likely that they are being used for research purposes. Many Japanese scientists cultivate and grow marijuana but all of those are purposively prepared for extensive research about the plant.

Determine the safe spots where you can sell

Safety and strategy are your keys to be successful in selling weed. If you are a foreigner, do not try to ask the locals whether they want to buy some from you. This is a big no because you will only get caught for trying. What you need here is to position yourself in areas where the weed transactions are made.

Shibuya is one of the busiest places in Tokyo but previous happenings involving buying and selling of marijuana there call for more police attention. You have to avoid this place to be safe. It is best that you take a Japanese friend with you who is also a smoker. Japanese police take more time noticing foreigners so it is safe if you have someone to accompany you. Hotspots for marijuana sells include Ebisu and Ropongi.

Keep posted through the Internet

There are many websites in the internet that allow posting of information so if you are selling it big time, it is best that you post your hotspots online. This way, marijuana users will be able to know where to go when they run out of supply. For high quality weed, the price today reaches up to $638.88 per ounce. However, you can also get a cheaper deal as low as $50 depending on your weighted purchase and power of connection.