Things to do when growing marijuana seeds in Belgium

Growing cannabis or marijuana seeds differ in each and every state or country. In Belgium, the law allows a person to possess no more than 3g of cannabis and or equivalent to a female cannabis plant. There is no more sanction in possessing cannabis in the said amount considering that there are no presence of minors, cause of public disorder among others. Possession of such can be recorder by the police but will not correspond to legal penalties.

With the growing support coming from established organization such as the TrektUw Plant, the right to use pot for medical and or personal private usage encourage many Belgians to grow their own weed. Significantly, this is done in accordance to the law to avoid legal sanctions since cannabis was originally illegal in the country and was only later decriminalized.

What to do in growing marijuana seeds in Belgium?

Basically, since only one plant is allowed for each person to possess in the country, one must greatly consider what the law requires. Although the law can be very restrictive, the rules are very much simple. Significantly  in the history of growing pot in Belgium, the social group of cannabis consumers TrektUw Plant or commonly referred to as TUP, devised a strategy of growing marijuana plant in accordance to the law. Each member planted a private seed in one pot and grows it in their home in part of a general cultivation of weed. It was followed by legal cases but the association was then recognized as legal although the cultivation of weed was prohibited by the court. But since the law decriminalizes possessing one single plant, technically, growing one cannot be illegal considering it will be used for private, personal or medical purposes.

How to grow marijuana seeds?

Basically, there are three known way of growing pot. These are namely outdoor, indoor or without soil methods.  Outdoor growing must subject to certain legal rules and restrictions. Usually, many people considers growing weed in the wild. On the other hand, growing indoor may cause certain amount of money specifically due to the setup of cultivation.  Growing without soil also called hydroponics growing can be in varying method. What to consider in growing weeds is the understanding or even mastering of the lighting which is very much essential to the weed’s growth. Also, necessary nutrients such as fertilizers and water must be minded.

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