New Zealand may not be totally embracing of the fact that cannabis should be fully accepted and recognized in their country. However, one should know that they are already on the way there. With the introduction of the synthetic drug law that has just recently been passed. It can definitely open doors for the possibility that New Zealand will soon be one of the countries which have fully accepted the legalization of marijuana.

One of the major proponents for this proposal is Mr. Ethan Nadelmann. He is considered to be the director of the Drug Policy Alliance in United States of America and he was the one who is spearheading this campaign in New Zealand. There is a talk about the cannabis legalization and the proper law reform and control of marijuana which he will be discussing in detail to be held in Auckland.

The Psychoactive Substance Act

The synthetic drug law that is to be implemented in New Zealand is known as the Psychoactive Substances Act. A major breakthrough has been discovered in terms of the global legislation of marijuana and this is only but the first step of New Zealand to be more fully accepting of the cannabis legalization.

As compared to other governments, there is a deep appreciation and praise for the government of the New Zealand to be able to systematically establish as certain regulation which helps in the legalization of synthetic drugs. The debate of its safety for consumption will be thoroughly discussed in detail as Mr. Nadelmann points out that there is something that can be considered as profound and pragmatic about how New Zealand is dealing with their laws especially in the medical area.

It is very much true that more and more people are widely using synthetic drugs. This also includes the number of people taking it outside the New Zealand region. Because of this, there is now also the negative connotation that most synthetic drugs have been reported to the cause of some deaths in  US. They have been known as “club drugs”. In this relation, there is a fear that the smuggle and the use of prohibited drugs might have to be converted to synthetic drugs in order for it to appear legal and accepting in New Zealand provided the fact that such will be considered to be totally legal already.

There is still much to be talk about here and that in time, a proper resolution will be made herein.