Is it Legal to Buy Marijuana in Australia?

In Australia, it is known that the growing and selling of marijuana is illegal. The same goes with the purchasing of weed, cannabis or pot. This is true for each and every territory in the country. There are penalties involved in this. As for the Capital Territory, Northern Territory, Western Australia and as well as South Australia, there are various degrees for punishment when it comes to the in-take of marijuana. There are restrictions for this. For instance, the possession of marijuana in the grams of 25, or even the nourishing of two plants maybe be a little fine. This is like synonymous to getting a ticket in the traffic.

The Legalization in Australia

In Queensland, it is illegal for marijuana to be smoked. The same goes with the small amount of marijuanas. When someone is caught with this, there will be a required treatment and assessment in this. This is a program form. The intention of such is for awareness to be raised when it comes to drug abuse. There are also harsh laws in here. This is true for the various territories in Australia. These are all stipulated in the Drug Misuse Regulation which is published in the year 1987. This states a sentence of maximum prison for about 15 years. This kind of sentence is very rare. After this, there is also this Power Powers and Responsibilities Act of the year 2000. This would include in the laws that a person who is found carrying less than 50 grams of this marijuana would have to be offered a program for drug diversion. Even though this is the case, there should not be a commitment of any other kind of offense at the time the weeds are discovered. As for the legislation way back in 2006, the amount of cannabis is said to be reduced. This can be grown indoors. Usually, it may be in the setting of hydroponic. This is after a commercial quantity. This carries a stiff sentence though. This is stated In the Australian Drug Misuse. This originated way back in 1985.

There are still many questions concerning the legalization of drugs in Australia. This took place after the legislation Marijuana sales in the United States. Debates have been heated up because of the mentioned legalization. It is like a question as to whether the same is to be made in Australia too. Find out more about this in the near future.

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