How to Get a Permit When Buying and Selling Marijuana in Korea

Know about the laws and legal matters in Korea

In South Korea, whether you are in Incheon or in Seoul, you have to know that the buying and selling of marijuana is also like a taboo there. Even though South Korea has an overall smoking tolerance level of four out of ten, it still means that the use of marijuana there is prohibited and punishable by law.

South Korean police are quite judgmental especially on Americans because they always suspect them of having or possessing some weed in their pocket. Worse, they can have you investigated and it is in their law that the police have the power to get you tested for drugs right away. Once the tests declare that you are on drugs, you will be busted. There are also reports that there were people being deported out of the country. With these facts, it is quite impossible for you to have a permit to make marijuana sales.

On the other hand, it was found out that the buying and selling of weed in North Korea is no problem. In fact, a blogger for reported that buying cannabis there is legal. The blogger and his group tried lighting their oversized joints but the people there seem not to care about what they are doing. If you want to get a permit to make your buying and selling business work, you may try it in North Korea.

Important things to keep in mind

Pot activities in public are prohibited anywhere in South Korea so it is best that you do it privately where no other people can see you. Never ask the locals or anyone about where you can buy for some joints or packs of marijuana. If you do not want to land in jail or worse get deported, never ask.

Spots to visit for buying weed and seeds

If you are growing marijuana or you simply want to get high, there are places that you should go to make your purchase. Itaewon and Hong Dae are two places to remember while you are in South Korea. If you are in Apgujeong, there is a hookah café there. You can ask about their supplies and pricing. The average price for marijuana ranges from $30 to $50 per gram but there are also those types that can come ata more expensive price depending on their quality and source.

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