It was started by Washington State, 20 months ago. This was about the legalization of recreational marijuana. This effort is in parallel with the situation of marijuana in Italy. In the mentioned country, it is still illegal under the law.  There are scopes in this law including the receiving, selling and as well as the growing. All of these are punishable provided that the person is found guilty. Actually, the earlier is said to be the second state that initiates in selling pot. There are some cities in Italy that permits the possession of weed. The same goes with its consumption. However, there is only an amount which is tolerated by the police. There are also some parts of it which self-consumption of cannabis may be undertaken.

More about the Legalization of Marijuana

Again, there are places in Italy that tolerate the use of marijuana. But, it does not necessarily mean that it is absolutely legal already. There are just places that use such like Messina, Mila, Firenze and Bologna. The cops in those places are not very strict when it comes to individuals seen using the substance. They will not be bothered for as long as there is no trouble being caused. It should not be commercial in intent. There are also many places in Italy which can store a wide array of hashish. There is only a very few amount of weed which could be found. This is very evident, most especially in Piazza Verde found in Bologna.

Italy sets a high price for weed. It can really be expensive since it is not very easy to find. The costs of the hash would differ from one city to another. The same goes with the differentiation of the dealer. One gram of this for instance, may cost for about 10 to 15 euros. There is a variation when it comes to this. There is medium quality of cannabis and they could be for around 15 to 20 euros. These are the set prices for gram. Hash is the most common form found in Italy. The quality of this may range starting off with schwag, which is considered to be of bad material. It is seedy and at the same time, dry. Dutch is known to be that with the highest quality. These are the things that have to be remembered when it comes to the situation of marijuana in Italy.