Possession, usage and cultivation of cannabis or more commonly known as Marijuana has legality that differs in many states and countries. The use of marijuana is not entirely prohibited although must subject to strict laws depending on location. In many countries, it is still illegal but some make exemptions in using marijuana medically. In country such as Jamaica, weed is illegal although it is known that in some of its cities, the usage is tolerated and selling of pot is widely done even in the open.

Where to buy marijuana or local weed in Jamaica

MJ is locally known in Jamaica as “ganja.” Apparently, the ganja industry is observably growing within the island. Ganja is actually considered sacred among many natives. It was as early as 1913 when its usage has been declared by law as illegal. But the industry is evidently growing.

Buying pot in Jamaica seemed to be not so difficult with sellers or dealers roaming around its cities and known tourist destinations. In fact, some reported that upon landing in the airport, there would be sellers who will eventually offer tourist or average people pot. One can also bought some in beaches and resorts. Clever people know where to get pot accordingly in this country, one can readily ask a local. And most of the time, they knows a dealer one can rely to. From blog posts and articles of claimed weed consumers, even from taxi drivers in the cities, one can easily buy pot. Or else, will be assisted where to get one. Bribery within authorities such as the local police is evidently done among the many tourists roaming around.

Legalization of cannabis in the island

As long as one does not smoke it openly in public, there would no problem. But getting caught is such a predicament because of the legal sanctions accompanied by its usage. Since the usage and the marijuana industry itself in Jamaica seemed to be in an uncontrollable condition, the government is now rethinking of its law. As certain countries such as the United States and Uruguay has made changes in its drug laws, the island itself has been making plans to reform its laws. Legalization seemed to be still in the long way but decriminalization is possible since many countries had already done it. There are supports for the proposal of allowing possession of marijuana with a limited amount of up to 2 ounces.