We are now in the time where every Marijuana shop claim that they are the best of its kind. In the United Kingdom, their number 1 Seed Bank may not be considered the best at all since it does not captivate the market in the United States or Uruguay.

However, this trend of movement is a good sign that Seed Banks are pushing to their limits and the quality of the products they sell improves.

As the numbers rise dramatically, the need for seed banks kicked way higher than what was forecasted by economists in countries where Marijuana use has been decriminalized. With this, more and more people decide to buy the seeds, instead of the ready-to-use products. However, in which store locally or thru online should we buy?

The Power of Seed Banks

Seed Banks are scattered throughout different nations and act as the libraries of information and rooms of experimentation for seed development, genetic studies and other pertinent measures needed for innovating and maintaining the Biological Diversity of the world.

The seed banks must serve as the brain and main storage of important details of our ever-changing industry, especially to those breeds that are no longer existing today.

They are expected to lead the revival of previous strains that ceased to exist, as well as the creation of new breeds for the next generations, and to act as the brain of Cannabis Industry that will keep all of the necessary and important matters subject for archiving and storage.

Qualities that the Best Should Have

The Best Seed Banks in this modern time is not made up of your ideal company which should be perfect and receives a grade of 100% for its customers. Instead, these seed banks are trained and continue to grow from its experiences- either good and bad gives importance to its customers and remains factual, realistic and practical, to serve its clients of different walks of life at all times.
1. It must aim for the good through its goals
2. It must have an excellent customer service that immediately responds at all times, even on holidays and times of calamities, if possible
3. It must have reasonable prices and a wide range of its products being sold
4. It must have efficient and innovative facilities that can keep the quality of their seeds
5. It must be active in reaching out to its customers and be approachable for any concerns they may need
6. It must accept different terms of payment
7. It must have a secured and discreet system of delivering its seeds
8. It must have no criminal record with your government and has no affiliations with the Black Market or any criminal groups

The Best Marijuana Seed Banks

  1. Sonoma Cannabis Seeds (Vancouver, Canada)

This Seed Bank is famous for its line urging users to “Grow Organically”. Founded in the year 2010, this bank is one of the top competitors in California that pegs to innovate the American Cannabis Market.

Their company has since then experienced unwavering support from the Medical Patients and Recreational Users who are in need of sustainable Marijuana Practice by planting seeds for their future consumption. Sonoma Seeds are best known for their Coma Seeds, an award-winning Cannabis strain in 2011 and 2012, making you high and active in the daytime.

Convenience is what Sonoma Seeds want to achieve for its customers, and because of that, they accept multiple terms of payment such as thru Fund Transfers, Bank Transactions like Credit Cards and Cash, and the bitcoin, signifying the company’s innovative involvement with the modern cryptocurrency.

For those who love doing things in personal transactions, they have 500 local stores scattered across the provinces and cities in Canada. That figure might be too good to be true, but if you want to have some challenge to be posted online, hop into each of their stores. See it for yourself!

2. Crop King Seeds (Vancouver, Canada)

Founded in the year 2005, the Crop King Seeds propelled its fame in the midst of bustling streets of Vancouver, this company started its humble roots with just an employee delivering packages discreetly in the neighborhood of this city. As time pass by, Crop King Seeds began its expansion heading its way to the top of Canadian Marijuana Industry.

In 2015, the company has seen unprecedented growth with the International Recognition of their White Cookies Strain, making it to the Top 10 Strains of the year. Currently, this seed bank sells 40 strains of Cannabis which are quickly delivered in different parts of Canada and the rest of the world.

It is known to be one of the most modern and strongest Cannabis Seed Bank in Canada as it ventured to the world of cryptocurrency and now accepts bitcoins as terms of payment, aside from the existing modes such as thru credit cards and cash.

3. Sun West Genetics (Vancouver, Canada)

The Sun West Genetics hails from the West Coast of Canada in Vancouver City. Highly regarded as one of the versatile Canadian Seed Banks in the world, Sun West is the first company to apply the Seed Tracking Technology, used for better tracking of the seeds during its delivery.

Founded in 2009, this Seed Bank continues to support other institutions in pushing for reforms of strict Marijuana policies in different countries of the world. With this noble move, the company projects as one of the best in the Cannabis Industry, not only with exporting and importing Cannabis Seeds but through revolutionizing its support to the advocates of Marijuana consumption in different regions.

Like the other Seed Banks, it also accepts Credit Cards and Cash. However, the highlight of this company is its engagement with the cryptocurrency of Bitcoins.

4. MJ Seeds Canada

Founded in 2009, MJ Seeds is one of the most sought-after Cannabis Seed Banks in Canada. These bank sells over 40 different Cannabis Strains, making their customers have a better opportunity to plant different Cannabis Seeds in their households.

Hailing from Vancouver, this seed bank is 100% Canadian-owned and known to ship Cannabis Seeds from their office to the rest of Canadian Provinces and to the rest of the world in the fastest pace, compared with their competitors. MJ Seeds are known for their BC Buds, one of the top-of-the-line Canadian brand of Cannabis which brings useful effects to all of its users, whether for medical or recreational.

Apart from this, they also feature a lot of Marijuana Seeds that you can quickly pick with a single click. This convenience promised by MJ Seeds means everything for the enthusiasts, most especially to those Medical users who are unable to go out and hop into their local stores.

For your terms of payment, MJ Seeds accepts Fund Transfers from the bank or thru remittance centers, thru credit cards or cash, as well as with the bitcoin cryptocurrency.

5. Rocket Seeds

This young and new shipping company in the Canadian Cannabis Industry is giving chills to its competitors due to its quick and creative marketing strategies which captivate the public’s attention for a short period.

This company delivers the products of Crop King, Sun West Genetics and Sonoma Seeds in Canada to the rest of the globe. They even accept Bitcoins as a mode of payment for their deliveries!

Compared to other competitors, their deliveries arrive at your doorsteps within a week, depending on where you live. With the assured quick turnaround upon ordering, the rockets they ignite become one of the fastest and most reliable in the delivery of Marijuana Seeds throughout the world.

For other terms of payment, they also accept cash and credit cards. This young company is indeed packed with a great potential to lead the Cannabis Industry for the next few years, together with the other blooming groups that are considered as game changers of today’s seed banks.

Wrapping things up!

All of the existing Cannabis Seed Banks in the world claim their own as the best. With their advertisements, users are effectively pleased and at the same time, confused about what and who should they trust. If everyone admits that they are the best, everything else is nothing but fallacies and false hopes.

You may not notice but there are companies who openly admit their best assets but secretly cover their failures to carry out effective customer services and retail relations. We users must be aware and knowledgeable with what is going on.

Remember, these banks, just like the other stores, are striking the irons of Cannabis World while they are hot. They will do everything to prove their worth and assure the consumers that these owners will even risk their lives just to satisfy the forever increasing demands of the rest of the Marijuana World.

Will there be a commercial rift between these banks? We cannot tell but don’t worry, this is a good sign for users as it conveys a crystal-clear message: best is yet to come.