Because of the increasing demand for cannabis products and seeds, it is now more popular to purchase these online. And despite being an efficient and convenient option compared to buying seeds from local shops, it is still risky to buy anything online. Therefore, before you buy anything, make sure that you are transacting with the best seed banks online.  

Why Buy Marijuana Seeds Online?

Most people just can’t visit a local dispensary to buy seeds or other marijuana products for personal reasons. Online shopping lets them buy any type of seed and have this delivered conveniently at home. Despite having to pay additional costs of delivery and shipment, it is a better option compared to traveling or commuting far just to get marijuana seeds.

Some people choose to buy seeds online because selling and growing cannabis may be prohibited where they are located. Buying seeds online and hoping that it passes border or customs checks is something that they would risk just to be able to purchase seeds.

There is so much variety when you buy online. You won’t be limited to just a handful of strains that most local dispensaries carry. You can shop from local seedbanks or you can buy from foreign seedbanks when you shop online.

Online Buying vs Local Buying

Compared to buying local online shopping can take longer and riskier but most online consumers agree that this is far better than being content with limited seed strains from a local supplier. It can take up to a month for some buyers but no doubt they are willing to wait this long just to get their seeds.

Indeed, local suppliers and dispensaries let you grow your seeds the moment you get home but there is still no guarantee that these seeds will germinate. Meanwhile, there are online seedbanks that guarantee a high germination rate. You can safely say that after you receive your seeds from the mail, you can immediately germinate your seeds and start growing.

Also, local buying may be cheaper compared to online shopping. You need to pay higher for your seeds and for deliveries. But despite this, consumers are still willing to pay more especially when they are located in an area where there are no dispensaries available. It is also practical to buy online if growing cannabis is not permitted in your country as long as you use covert shipment options like stealth shipment.

What to Look for in the Best Seed Bank?

There are many things to watch out for when buying from an online seed bank.

Look for seedbanks that deliver to your country

Whether you live in the US or Canada, this is the very first thing you need to look for. Some seedbanks, although reputable and with long-standing good record online, may not deliver to the US because of legal issues. There are also seedbanks that will not deliver to a country or region because of stricter rules regarding cannabis seeds traffic.

So to properly locate seedbanks that ship to your area, do a simple search online and once you find the seed bank, read the FAQs or the terms and conditions page to find out if it delivers to your country.

And of course, you also need to consider your own local laws regarding cannabis delivery. If this is prohibited, you must consider another option to buy seeds. But if you can use stealth options to ship your order then why not try?

Choose seedbanks that support your mode of payment

Now that you’ve found a seed bank that serves your area, find one that supports your payment method. Look for information from the site’s FAQs or terms and conditions. You will find the company’s payment options from its home page as well. If the payment option you want to use is not stated, contact customer service to make sure.

Check seedbanks that will deliver stealthily

Another important thing to look for is stealth delivery. If you have never heard about stealth shipment, it is a method of delivery that places your seeds in unmarked boxes (without your name, address, logos, marks and any information that says that marijuana seeds are inside the box)

Stealth shipment costs more but it provides a safe way to ship seeds especially when your orders need to cross borders or customs.

Find seedbanks that have a number of customer service contact options.

Another important thing to consider is to order seeds only from marijuana seed banks that have a number of customer service contact options. As much as possible there should be a phone number, email contact, customer contact form, and chat service. Remember that you need to contact the company in case of any problems with your order. This is why you need multiple ways to contact the company so they can better help you out.       

Buy only from seedbanks with good reviews and online standing

Reputable seedbanks have good reviews as well as negative reviews that have been resolved. Unresponsive seedbanks or those that don’t want to resolve issues with their customers are signs that you should be wary of.  

Some important things to watch out for

Be wary of scam sites

There are a lot of people out to scam you online especially if you are new to buying cannabis seeds. Usually, you are too eager to purchase seeds that you fail to notice these scams. So shop smart and don’t overlook genuine reviews of these sites when you choose the best seed banks to purchase from.

Don’t buy from Bitcoin only seed bank sites

Some seedbanks accept only Bitcoin payments and although these are very popular, there can still be some dangers when ordering from these companies. As much as possible, order only from seed banks that accept your payment method.

Don’t send money if bank transfer is the only payment option

Never ever send money to any seed bank company if this is the only payment option that they provide. If the seed bank tells you that they will process the order once they have received payment then order elsewhere.