Zeus Strain
Genetics Original Kush X Skunk
Climate Indoor Only
Yield 500g/m2
Height 110 cm
Flowering Time 55-65 Days
Effect Strong Sativa Buzz
THC Level High Extreme (17-19%)
Growing Experienced

Zeus Strain has sticky buds with a dark green and purple shade that is genetically designed to have little leaves. Zeus strain has already been proven that it can treat anxiety and muscle aches. This kind of strain is a hybrid of Cactus cannabis that gives a distinct high feeling with multiple medical effects.

Zeus Strain Growth and Appearance

This particular strain is more suited in an indoor environment. It normally grows 3 feet tall and produces large stem and buds. The flowering process usually takes 6-8 weeks before harvesting and its yields depend on the level of your planting and growing skills. Cultivating Zeus is only advised to experienced growers. This type of cannabis is preferred for experienced growers. However, beginners can also grow this great yield strain by using the proper tools and help of a reliable grower guide.

Zeus Strain Medicinal Effects

Zeus Strain gives an extreme high feeling sensation to the user. It contains a level of 19% of THC that produces a soothing effect of the body. The effects can last for a maximum time of 3 hours. Zeus is commonly used by patients who suffer from anxiety disorders and sleeping problems. The effects will surely provide them ease and calming effect that will help them in overcoming their illness. However, it gives powerful Sativa buzz to those who are non-patient and do not feel ill.

Three puffs are the proper dosage in relieving chronic nerve pains that are caused by injury or surgery. This can also remove headaches and hangovers due to its level of THC. It is also good at relieving muscle pain, spasms, and even nausea.

A small amount of THC in our bloodstream is good. It is medically proven that it can relieve tension, anxiety, and paranoia. Researches are still going on for more medical benefits of Zeus.