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Haze Xtreme Regular

Haze Xtreme Regular Info Marihuana store

Haze Xtreme is the new version of the legendary marijuana named Haze. It is a sativa-dominant that can take at least 10 weeks in producing flowers. This strain is known for its denser and moderate crops. Haze Xtreme strain will allow you to concentrate on uplifting your high. It is also used for treating mental issues like depression, stress, anxiety, and bipolar or fatigue. Mainly a THC strain of sativa with the 17 to 22 percent range of Haze Xtreme will keep you body relaxed and pain free. With a small indica content, the CBD content is 1%, and this sativa gives you a balanced energy, without stress or anxiety. Experience increased psychedelic effects while you still manage to deal with work, family and social life every day. If you’re looking for a calming high to fall asleep Haze Xtreme is not an ideal strain to use during night time. .

Growing Haze Xtreme Regular

Haze Xtreme strain is very easy to grow. You may grow it indoors or outdoors, but it tends to produce more when planted indoors. The flowering time of this strain reaches two to two and a half months. Highly potent Haze xtreme strain is recommended for cultivators and users who are looking for a great high. Without compromising productivity, the physical activities and alertness all day. This superstar strain is a worthy addition to your arsenal of  high THC cannabis plants. This makes busy days not not only bearable, but also fun.

Taste and Scent of Haze Xtreme Regular

Haze Xtreme is known for having an overwhelmingly pungent scent that makes it tempting. Its scent gives a one of a kind combination of different notes that have been lingering in your senses for quite some time. This kind of scent that you’re just trying to enjoy basking and starting your day. The taste of it is as apparent as the smell. The moment you smog it, you can savor the Haze in it, clear-cut, and powerful. You can instantly notice a surge of notes that will surely remain far beyond your palate after high wear.

Medicinal Haze Xtreme Regular

Haze xtreme regular strain has a high level of THC amounts and it will surely give you the most relaxing,and mellow effects, accompanied by an enhanced mental focus capability. It is also sought for its uplifting and strengthening effect. Haze Xtreme Regular is an ideal strain to be taken into account in patients suffering from depression or chronic stress due to its naturally high THC content and low effects. If you need to medicate during the day, you will be pleased to know that you can carry out tasks accordingly.

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