extreme haze strain
Genetics Sativa
Climate Indoor/Outdoor
Yield 425 grams
Height 70-90 cm
Flowering Time 10-14 weeks
Effect Body and head high
THC Level Moderate (15-20%)
Growing Easy

Haze extreme Strain is a popular sativa in Jamaica and considered as one of the tallest of its strain family. It is known for its irresistible high quality mood-lifting effects and sometimes referred to as the “ampheta-weed”. The proponent of this type was a famous breeder named David Paul Watson. The effects are tremendous that can make the user maintain its daily routine without detections.

Haze extreme Strain Satisfying Yields

Haze extreme usually takes longer flowering process. However, its yields can be satisfying that can range from 425 grams to 550 grams depending on the climate and environment. Indoor planting is recommended to acquire best harvest.

Extreme Potency of Haze extreme Strain

This kind of strain can produce a maximum of 20% of THC. It provides high psychedelic effects that can last for a couple of hours depending of the dosage. However, continued heavy use is not advised especially for those who have weak heart.

Easy Cultivation

Almost all haze cannabis species can be easily cultivated indoors. It needs at least 15 hours of light to achieve its perfect growth. Fertilizer and soil additives can also be added to avoid plant malnutrition. Any signs of plant deficiency can easily be detected through the color of its leaves. Flowering process normally takes 8-10 weeks before it finally mature.

Sweet and Spicy Taste

The end products of Haze extreme are always remarkable. Its long slender buds produce spicy-sweet scent that causes its sweet and spicy sensation.