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Best Marijuana Seeds for Beginners

Best Marijuana Seeds for Beginners

Cannabis seeds are not equally created. It is important for novice growers to consider which strains to develop their skills in the garden. It might be challenging for a first timer to figure out what best strains to grow. But there are plenty of strains that are easy to grow and produce. In growing marijuana you have to consider the varieties, weather, insect infection, soil and possible formulation of mold. But always remember the difficulty of growing doesn’t necessarily mean better quality. Also, it’s a satisfying feeling gained from growing your own stash of cannabis. And the big question is, where to start?

Here are the 5 Easiest Cannabis to Grow for Beginners.

Northern Lights

Northern lights also known as Cl #5 F1, one of the most famous Indica dominant strains of all times. The history of this strain is mysterious, but it is believed to be a mix of two building blocks strains (Thai and Afghani strain). This strain is a great choice for indoor growers. It is also suited for the SOG (sea of green) method, as a hydroponic or soil based strain and has 6-7 weeks flowering time. In feeding the strain it needs a high level of nitrogen as it develops and can continue to take heavy through its flowering cycle. Its pungent profile is a sweet, spicy scent radiating from the crystal-covered buds. Northern lights strain is medicinal and recreational use. It is best used during nighttime or insomnia. And some of the many effects of these strains are relieving stress and anxiety.

Royal Gorilla

Royal Gorilla is an indica-dominant hybrid strain. It usually grows indoor and in a dry, and warm climate and also has an 8-9 flowering time. This strain is perfect for all types of cannabis concentrates and hash because of its high production of trichomes. This strain has a 27% THC content. It has an earthy sweet scent, enriched with pine and lemon notes. This strain is best used during daytime. Royal Gorilla delivers a very relaxing, euphoric, and elevating high effects. This strain can also relieve stress.

Easy Bud

Easy bud is a perfect description of the growing process. This strain is a hybrid of mixed sativa, indica and ruderalis strain. Easy bud is very easy to grow because it can survive in any kind of climate conditions. Because of ruderalis genetics, it grows to its flowering stage only after a few weeks. The flowering stage of this strain is up to 5-7 weeks. And the after-taste and aroma of this strain is a mix of fresh lemon and herb. This cannabis strain will give you the calmest and relaxing feeling.

Skunk Feminized

Skunk is a well-balanced genetic mix of sativa and indica strain (50-50 percent) and also a modern feminized improved version of the original classic skunk. It was bred from the Colombian, Mexican, and Afghan landrace. This strain doubles its height when it grows outdoors, and has a decent climate. It has an enjoyable sweet, fruity taste and has large flowers. When smoked it’ll give you the combination of stoned and high feeling. This also gives you a relaxed, cerebral, energetic, and calming feeling.

Jack Herer Automatic

This autoflower is a hybrid of Sativa-dominant and is easy to grow because pruning is not needed. The genetic combination of this strain is Jack Herer and Ruderalis strains. It can grow outdoors and can stand cold weather. In just 9-10 weeks it is ready for harvesting after seeds are germinated and feminized. This fresh smoke has a slight herbal spicy taste just like the original Jack Herer Strain. The effects of this strain is being highly energized, relaxing and stoney feeling.

For those who are planning to cultivate cannabis bud for the first time, these are the 5 out of many strains that are to best grow and could give you a satisfying feeling after growing.

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