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White Widow Strain

White Widow

Genetics Indica-Sativa mix
Climate Indoor/Outdoor
Yield 500g/m2
Height 35-65 cm
Flowering Time 8-9 weeks
Effect Hypnotic therapeutic crazy high
THC Level Extremely High (20-25%)
Growing Moderate

White Widow Strain is one of the newest breed of the white weed mutations. It has compact buds and crystal-like tri-chromes similar to any other white weed generations like White Queen and Snow White. White Widow has its unique taste and contains powerful flavors that are perfect for light smoke and sharing. The effects can give the user enormous energy and helps stimulate the mind that can last for hours.  Growing this kind of strain is easy unlike any other common cannabis. Satisfying yields may depend on the proper care and nurturing of the plant.

White Widow Strain is a Hassle-Free Growing

Beginners and newbies can try growing White Widow Strain. It has high adaptability properties that can survive harsh climates and environments and can be easily grown by inexperienced growers. White Widow can be planted in both indoors and outdoors. Proper water and light are essential to speed up its growth process. Fertilizer and natural soil additives can also help the production of nutrients of the plant. The growth may be slow at its first and second week; but eventually will speed up after sprouting its initial growth.

Lasting Crazy High Feeling Effect

The body of White Widow is covered with small white crystals. This crystals contains high level of THC and responsible for the high and extreme narcotic effects. It provides the user long lasting and soothing sensation feeling in both mind and body.

Relieves Tremendous Amount of Pain

There are a lot of research proves that marijuana has plenty of benefits in our body. Weed that contains high level of THC, such as White Widow, is normally used for medical treatment. White Widow produces a maximum of 25% of THC which is considered perfect in elevating tremendous body and muscle pain. THC has its numbing and distressing effects that cause pain to perish. Biochemical imbalances in our body that can cause muscle spasms can also be treated by the proper dosage of THC. A specialist also used medical marijuana in subsiding severe pains caused by cancer, insomnia, migraine and even chronic hepatitis.

Instant Feeling of Gladness

White Widow is usually smoked by people who are depressed. It has the effects of giving instant happy feelings and can help in subsiding stressful moods. This type of weed can also help those people who are not sociable. Interpersonal relationship problems can be gone away easily by this strain.

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