white vodoo strain
Genetics Purple VooDoo x Big White
Climate Indoor/Outdoor
Yield 500g/m2 indoors and 350g/m2 outdoors
Height Medium
Flowering Time 8 weeks
Effect Relaxing High
THC Level Moderately Indica  (12.61%)
Growing Easy

White voodoo is the result of rigorous hybridization efforts to make white colored marijuana plant and buds. Its name came from its white appearance with white hairs, white crystals, and thin leaves. Its whole body sparkles when light rays strike into it. Here is the overall summary of all characteristics of White Voodoo marijauna.

Has Unique Smell. It has strong medicinal aroma that over power the sense of smell and later gives off an earthiness blend. Its scent has very unique combination just as its look is.

Full Body Buzz Effect. People that want the effects of Indicas cannot be disappointed with this White Voodoo.  Smoking this pot can give your whole body a buzz that never been experienced before. This gives instant effect after few puffs because THC in this marijauna readily mixes with the blood on the lungs. The blood then carries the THC around the body in just a few seconds. People that want body pain relief can use this as pain killer.

Lasting High Effect. This type of weed can have its effects for hours upon smoking. The THC level might be only moderate but using more of this can make higher feeling that never even imagined before.

Easy growing for beginners. This type of marijauna plant does not need extra care from the expert. It can grow independently without sensitivity from the surroundings. Just give it enough light, nutrients, and care to grow into the optimum characteristic it has.

Instant Uplifting of Depression Effect. An amazing effect that White Voodoo gives to its user is an instant feeling of happiness that tries to affect people with depression. This stops any threats of mild to severe depression that might go worst such as suicides. Making friends cannot be difficult anymore and extend yourself to others.

Help fight serious diseases. This type of weed can help people in fighting diseases such as hepatitis C. The effect of medication against hepatitis C can be amplified when the patient uses White Voodoo. Side effects of serious diseases such as fatigue, loss of appetite, muscle pain, uneasy sensation, and joint paints can be gone in matter of seconds or minutes.