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super silver haze strain

Super Silver Haze

Genetics Original Super Silver Haze
Climate Indoor Only
Yield 450g indoor
Height 60-80 cm
Flowering Time 10 weeks
Effect Creative High
THC Level Moderately Strong (14.70%)
Growing Moderate

Super Silver Haze Strain is an original strain that has unique sensation all over the body when used in medications. This has back to back Cannabis Cups that have been bottled up and cloned for everybody to have a hand on. The Super Silver Haze strain became famous on the 20th Century because it won the Cannabis Cup for three year in a row. That is a three peat equivalent and nothing will never be the same again.

Great smell and Taste of Super Silver Haze Strain

The smell of this amazing Super Silver Haze can differ from one another depending on the phenotype a grower has with them. A common smell of the marjauna buds has earthy scent that can please the senses with fruity skunk. This can give pleasurable scent with sweet tasting vapor that suits for those who needs hit. Sometimes it comes in peaches and cream taste.

Whirlwind of Effect

This comes with many effects that can entice the user into pleasurable feeling and relaxation that can last for hours. It gives complete body stone that can give power to the creative thinking and intellectual conversations with friends. Super Haze produces calming and mood-lifting effects that makes every head clear. This is not hard to become the favorite of all weeds for that reason.  The effect all over the body remains for 90-120 minutes with the buzz feeling.

Growing the seeds

The flowering time can be reach in as early as 10 to 11 weeks depending on the care of the plant. This can be a little hard for those beginners but simple guides can be of help in achieving a great yield. The seeds are advised to grow indoors as it can have its maximum harvest. Make sure to add enough light during its vegetative growth to ensure enough energy supplied to the plant. Necessary nutrients should also be added to prevent nutritional deficiencies that can hinder the growth and flower development of the plant.

Good for Headaches and Migraines

The Super Silver Haze is an excellent pain reliever that instantly removes spasms in just couple of minutes being felt all over the body. Most medical users have them for headaches and migraines felt through the medication processes. It also helps in managing the anxiety and gives instant feeling of satisfaction and gladness.

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