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Purple Kush Strain

Purple Kush

GeneticsHindu Kush x Purple Afghani
Yield250-400 grams/m2
Height2-3 feet
Flowering Time50-60 days
EffectPure Indica High
THC LevelExtreme Indica (27.51%)
GrowingEasy to Moderate

The Purple Kush Strain is named after the color of its leaves and buds having purple colors with green shades. This pure indica strain comes from the regions of California which started as a medical weed in the state medical community. This is considered as one of the elite clones that can only be available as a cutting. There have been various places that this type of strain can be found.

Purple Kush Strain Characteristics and Cultivation

Smoking the buds can give a strong and flowery taste in the mouth which makes it very pleasurable. This is a versatile type of marijuana that can grow well in both indoor and outdoor places but optimally with green screens. This can always be cultivated with beginner’s hand because it has high durability and flexibility throughout the growing process. In as early as 50 days, large amounts of harvest can be acquired from this plant. The plant has short appearance that has densely compacted amount of buds in its body. Its leaves form large fans. The height of this marijauna can go as high as 3 feet with enough care meaning more area for growth.

Extreme Indica Effect

This has purely Indica effect that can affect the mind into deep meditation and relaxing. This has couch locking effect very ideal for those having tired days and wants to stay in bed with good night sleep. This has one to two hours effect on the body good for a satisfying rest after long days of hard work. Purple Kush Strain can help everyone to chill any moment of the night. Rest and enjoy.

Cure Depression in an Instant

This type of Indica strain can help people undergoing moderate to severe depression felt after devastating events. This lifts the mood and adds instant feeling of happiness while on the high cloud sensations. Actually, this strain has been famous for that purposes. The medical community usually use this to lighten the mood of patients.

Whole Body pain relief

This type of strain can effectively remove bodily pains that have been acquired after many days of rigorous activities and works. A lot of medical patients prefer this strain as a pain reliever because of its high effectiveness in removing pain all around the body. Whole-body numb effect can be felt with relaxing feel

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