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Juicy Fruit strain

Juicy Fruit

GeneticsAfghanistan indica x Thailand sativa
ClimateMostly Indoors
Yield400 – 500g/m2
Flowering Time7 – 9 weeks
EffectMild and Relaxing High
THC Level15 – 20%

A hybrid resulting from the crossbreeding of pure Afghani Indica and pure Thai Sativa, Juicy Fruit is one of the most renowned medical marijuana strains in the world. It is crafted by Sensei Seeds. It is mostly a Sativa strain, with traits inherited from the strong Thai Sativa, but it also has some Indica traits. The plant has large leaves and a thick stem that is green in color but once the plant is broken up, it releases a sap that is lavender to orange in color. It also has trichomes or little spines in the stems and leaves. Juicy Fruit is relatively easy to cultivate and grow and is quick to mature.

Juicy Fruit Strain Characteristic 

Juicy Fruit Strain is usually grown indoors but it can also be cultivated outdoors. It is easy to grow and its flowering time is usually 7 – 9 weeks after planting. The plant is has bright shades of green for the leaves while the buds have purple and pink spots all over it. Juicy Fruit exudes a unique fruity scent that is comparable to the scent of a lemon when planted. It has a high THC level of 15 – 20%. It produces a high quality yield that reaches up to 400 – 500 grams per square meter. Because this plant is easy to grow and matures fats, it is recommended for first-time growers.

Despite what the strain name suggests, the taste of Juicy Fruit is not that tangy and sour as its taste is usually compared to the taste of a piña colada and/or plums. The taste is sweet that it almost tastes like a vanilla. The scent that the plant bears when it is planted is not the same when it is smoked. It exudes more of a pungent yet sweet smell than the original fruity and tangy scent when it is already grounded up. This strain is ideal for smokers who enjoy a delicious mix of tangy, sweet, and earthy taste at the same time.

Juicy Fruit Strain Effects

Juicy Fruit packs a mild yet long lasting buzz. The effects of smoking Juicy Fruit usually starts with dizziness and nauseous feeling that usually lasts for three hours. As a sativa, it is also known to have mind-clearing and relaxing effects after smoking. Despite its effects, it is not recommended to be used and smoked during daytime or midday, as it can tire you up and makes you feel relax that you would not get to do your tasks. Overall, Juicy Fruit offers a mild yet enjoyable high unlike that of the other sativa-indica hybrids.

Juicy Fruit is a rare strain, as it was only found grown in California during 2012. Though it is rare, there are still some reliable only shops where you can order and avail the seeds for Juicy Fruit. All you have to do is to scout the internet for these trustworthy sites that are known and renowned for stealth shipping seeds and affordable seed price.

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